Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rob's Birthday Blog Train - Our gifts to Rob

Hi Ho's, Stan here! So today's Blog Train theme is 'Your gift to Rob'. Before I shut up to let you read the scrubbed up version of the answer to this question, I'm going to show you what the dirty bitches came up with first on Messenger:

sarah says:
Tuesday - Your Gift to Rob - Tell what you would do for Rob for his birthday

Becky says:
can we be rude?

Nikki says:
do we have to keep it clean?????

sarah says:
yes it has to be respectful  (See I was being sensible-I think its the medication....thankfully I'm off it now! Phew!!!!)

Nikki says:
I'd make him a cake then if I can't give him a BJ

Followed by this email from Becky:

If we can't be rude then I can't think of anything, lol! My mind goes blank.

SEE?! Dirty Whore-flaps the lot of 'em. Ok, on with their substitute answers seeing as we ruled BJ's out. Over to Mary first:

What do you buy for a world famous movie star?

I've decided to go for the Edward in a hurry option. We all love sparkly Edward and i'm pretty sure KStew does too. Soooooooo i've found the perfect gifts to enable Rob to transform into Edward at any moment.

Glitter in a gun! Simply point and spray

For the genuine sparkly Edward look you need sunshine right? Imagine if you get the Edward urge in the middle of the night, nightmare, no sunshine available right? Until now ;)

Sunshine in a jar

Sunshine in a jar blurb

Becky's BJ alternative pressie was this:

It would be nice to give him a free pass for the day. You know, so he could go anywhere & do anything on his birthday and not get bothered by press or fans. That would make a change!

Nibbles was thinking along similar lines:

My gift to Rob would be a holiday at my place. no not for those reasons!! I mean who would expect a superhunk to be hiding out here. I have a mate who works as a make up artist and makes fake face parts etc for films so he could make Rob a disguise (Note from Stan ~ Like this Sarah? I can't tell you how much I'd love you if you could get Rob dressed up as WangMan!)
PMSL Stan He would be attacked by raving nympho's (and Twiweasel) glueing themselves to him

I've got friends who are in various bands so he could jam away to his hearts content. We get lots of bands play in Brum so we could catch a few gigs too. Also plenty of art galleries and places of interest. I have a loving crazy dog called Wolf so he will have canine company and he may enjoy the irony of the name.

Did somebody say wolf? Yep, remember, my blog, my rules :o)

Ps-Where's his bag? Hehehe-Nibbles

I'd allow the stew-ped one to visit. Yes, I would! I mean I may fantasise about him but I'm not crazy enough to think that in reality he would boff me although I think he would have a secret yen for me he he.

I know some amazing bars where ppl really don't care who you are as famous ppl from theatre and tv are in there regularly. So I'd give him a break as such with a chance to be fairly normal. If that was no good I'd like to give him the gift of a break from filming for him and his bloody girlfriend so they could have 6 months straight together 24/7 then he would realise she wasn't for him lol *AHEM* RESPECTFUL PLEASE NIBS. She just can't manage it, even for 2 paragraphs, can she?

Awwww c'mon, I can't help it, I gagged when I said she could visit my house but it is his birthdays so... (heaves again)

For anyone else thinking about how nice it would be for Rob to get away from it, you must read this Edward & Bella fic: Hide in Plain Sight, I love it!

Stan:  Yep no imagination necessary here, I'd get him the good old Marks & Sparks gift voucher.

We already know he buys his undies there...

...and it's the ideal gift when you just don't know what to buy (and a BJ isn't an option)

Hi All...TwiWeasel here, and I just have a quick couple of questions...

First, why can't we give him one (or more) BJ's for his birthday? (My husband always likes his birthday bj, so I'm sure Rob would!!) (Nibbles-I can do great BJ's! I wanted to give him that too but I thought no, mature and respectful....I nearly got it didn't I? right? right?)

Second, if I just put it in my mouth, does it count as a BJ? Hmmm....What about if I keep still and let him move, does it count then?

Oh fine...I can feel you glaring at me, Stan. I guess I'll just give him a sensual massage *whispers* followed by a BJ. Bwahahaha!

OK, apparently Blogger is playing up for some people (including me!) when they're trying to comment.  If you're having the same problem, please feel free to email your comments to and I'll post them up here :o)

The next stop on your blog train is My discomROBulation, take the stop to hear what Kelly would get Rob as a gift!

See you tomorrow for the next leg of our journey :o)

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itsjustme1217 said...

Funny stuff. Love the glitter gun

Anonymous said...

Poor nibbles...heaving every other sentence. Valiant effort nibbles...valiant effort. PMSL!!!!!

Then nikki....if we can't be dirty than I got nothin...LOLOLOL!!!!!!

Stan...sneaking the wolf boy in there...sneaky. woo! You ladies crack me up!

I want a sparkle gun..bad.

Anonymous said... was Becky who wanted to keep it dirty...nikki was going to bake the cake. Hah! My brain hurts....

Stan said...

You need to go back and re-read, I went to investigate the big gap mear the end and found that Twi-Weasel had typed in black and because we have a black backround it was invisible, LOL!

Yep Mrs.P, that's the second Tay sneak, he was in there yesterday too ;o)

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Hahahahaha, pmsl hos.

Seriously, I still don't get it, why can't you give him BJs? I'm baffled, I tell ya. And Stan, how there you bring the wolfboy up this week. :p :D

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

OMFG, I can't type today, I meant to say "how DARE you bring UP the wolfboy". JFC, I'm feeling mental.

TwiWeasel said...

Hmmm...can I leave a comment yet?

TwiWeasel said...

OK, Blogger ate my previous 5 attempts at leaving a comment...stupid fucker. Here goes...again.

"PMSL Stan He would be attacked by raving nympho's (and Twiweasel) glueing themselves to him"

Huh? *innocent look* I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, right. OK, I'll admit it...I love sucking cock. I bet I could have a real party with WangMan!!

@ Stan - OOPS!! I'd originally typed in yellow, but then changed it. I need to stop second guessing myself.

@ Mrs. P - I was just telling Stan, Mary, Nibbles and Becky yesterday that If we can't be dirty, then we just aren't living up to our full potential.

Now, blogger better not eat this fucking comment again or I will be seriously pissed.

Kelly said...

Is it bad that I want a glitter gun... cause I totes do... and then.. in the heat of the moment... when I'm at "that point" and I'm about to explode.. I'd shoot that mother off.. I would... BAM... glitter everywhere.. I'd so do it.. just to make him laugh.... of course him is Rob and it's just a fantasy.. but I'd do it :)

OK That wasn't at all respectful.. but you didn't say the comments had to be respectful right? :P


rpfangirldc said...

Hilarious post!

That Glitter gun is pure brilliance! I wonder if that only works for E... Can you use it on anyone?

mouth + sparkle peen = bj... even if he moves and you hold still.

Just wondering... if E had a BJ, would the end result also fall under glitter gun?

Food for thought. Have a great day!

Mary said...

Hi fellow Ho's

I'm pretty sure the glitter gun would work if we rolled our men in plenty of glue first

TwiWeasel said...

@ rpfangirldc - "mouth + sparkle peen = bj... even if he moves and you hold still." Yeah, I thought so too, but I had to try!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I think if I got a glitter gun the Hubtard would freak out mega big time and I agree with pretty much everyone, BJ's should be allowed. I tried to bew sensible but it didn't last long

TwiWeasel said...

@ Nibs - Yep, if I pulled out a glitter gun my hubs would shit that purple twinkie I'm always talking about!! He hates my Twi/Robsession. (But he'll sure take advantage of it after I've read me some Twi-Porn!)

TongueTwied said...

the glitter gun would be awesome! Once I got him to be Mr Sparkles first I'd fire it off on myself and drag him off to a cottage in the countryside all BDlike.

you chickadees are funny. I'd love some sunshine in a jar, too! Just to carry around like a security blanket.

Z Any Mouse said...

Aaaack, that pic of the Wangman gets me every time!

@TwiWeasel - I think IT only counts, if he finishes there. So, you could always get started and figure out something creative for the ending. There, all bases are covered. Next?

TwiWeasel said...

@ Z Any Mouse - You're a chick after my own heart...on. *snicker* Honestly, though...I think my husband counts it even if he doesn't finish in my mouth. Not that I mind when he does.

17foreverlisa said...

Again with the dog, Stan!! I told you to put him out a long time ago ;)

Do think think Rob has any idea this fuckery is going on in his honor? LOL!!