Monday, 17 May 2010

And my latest Twilight victim mum! Muahahaaa!

Pic roulette - closed my eyes to choose, not bad, not bad.  Now that's what you call a cock-blocker though!

Hi Ho's & He's!  Well, another week begins, where on earth does the time go?  It's mid-May already and it only feels like 5 minutes since Christmas, which is when I bought my Mum a copy of Twilight.  Now she hadn't been doing very well with it, apparently she could only picture Rob as Edward, which was ruining it for her because he's none of the things that Stephenie Meyer describes, such as beautiful...

Erm, hello mother, time for another eye-test???

...and everytime I asked her where she was up to, she'd only have moved on a chapter or so.  So, imagine my surprise yesterday when I received the following text (my replies in this colour):

Finished twilight hurrah!  Enjoyed last few chapters more than rest.  Want to know what happens next now read bit of new moon at back - bugger.

Oh my god, where did that sudden burst of reading come from?!
Haha! Hooked ;o)

I must have been asleep when these chapters were on dvd as couldn't remember any of it.  Still don't want cutout.

Some people have no taste, what's not to love?

PMSL at the cutout comment!  That's only because when they came here, Edward kept making my dad jump ;o).  Then this morning, I received this:

Thinking of going to town to buy New Moon, HELP!

Go, go! Lol ;o)

Oh ok, I give in.

So there you go, our latest recruit.  It cracked me up and made my weekend, but a very small part of me is worried that she'll get so hooked that she'll want in on blogs & fanfic

"It's a shame that 'Office' fic was pulled, love, I heard it had some red-hot lemons in it..."



Mary said...

Muahahahahahaaaa ;)

I'm bloody shattered already today. I've been shopping, cleaned the bathrooms, toilets, done all the floors, cleaned the kitchen and i'm just about to hang the first lot of washing out.
Hope everyone is well xxx

Stan said...

I've not got time for housework, too busy looking after bloody chickens and walking the dog! I am blitzing the washing today though, have two loads out and another one in the machine. I love ironing line-dried clothes :o)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

er I have watched husband put shopping away and been told off for attempting to carry washing. So now I'm doing nothing sorry!

Your mum & twi porn-just wrong man, just wrong lol

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Holy hell, that last pic fucking made my heart skip. Stan, you maniac.

Cutout - hahaha!

Anyhoo, I've been contemplating for ages whether I should give my mom Twilight to read. She would never become as obsessed, that's for sure, but still... IDK, what's stopping me though.

Musing Bella said...

Holy crap - that last pic. I'm done for the day now and it's only 6 am. I could picture a scene like that happening in MotU... and now that's all I'll be thinking about for the rest of the day! LMAO

Becky said...

You lot are busy today!!

@Stan I love your Mums texts!

My mum has read all 4 and loves Edward, lol. She is 77 though, if I introduced her to FF and think the excitement would finish her off!

Dangrdafne said...

Mom's can surprise us! I was so happy when DangrMomma agreed to read the books. She isn't into books about "fantasy" but she read them and liked them for the most part (actually she still have to read Breaking Dawn). I never worried about her wanting to read blogs or anything - she doesn't even want to read my own blog - she isn't in to all that.

Next time a little warning on pics like that last one, my boy Otis is too young to see things like that LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg...your mom is totally hooked! Now...that last photo might be the most pornographic thing ever posted here! There's penetration! I can see it!