Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ewwww! WTF??!

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!  Much excitement here this morning when the postie finally brought my New Moon Movie Companion book!  Unfortunately this excitement wasn't shared by Mr Stan who was  switching between reading his 'Nose to Tail' cookbook which has delightful recipes such as Pigs Ear soup *retch* and giving me his opinion on RPattz (which alternated between making me laugh and swear).

"Stan still won't let me under the Edbrella *sigh*"

I'm not going to give an in-depth analysis of all of the photos, I think everyone else has just about beaten me to that one. There is one thing however that leapt out at me as I perused the pics.  And it was this photo:

Aww, look!  Jacob's giving Bella a dreamcatcher!  How cute's that?....Hang on a minute...What's that? *Peers closer*


WTF is wrong with Taylor Lautner's fingernails???!!! 

Seriously, that is pretty grim (you can't even get the full effect from this picture, consult your copies peeps, page 55).  I've had slight 'ewww' moments over Rob's nails when they've been a bit too long for my liking, but really, these are...odd.  Now of course I had to scour the rest of the book for further glimpses, but nothing.  I have no idea if that's just how his nails are on both hands, or if he lost them all in some heavy object related incident but I know for sure now that this is going to affect my whole viewing of the film, this is just the sort of weird thing that my brain will become obsessed about spotting while I'm watching it.

Look, you can even see his thumb nail is the same on this one -
 Although I have to admit, I didn't spot it straight away in this one until I was on the great fingernail hunt afterwards, can't imagine why, I mean, what else is there of interest in that picture?

On that note I'll go.  I do apologise for the excessive amount of Taycob posts this week, let's hope there's more Rob to work with next week ;o)


Stoney said...

*BLECH* finger nail issues gross me out too.
I don't mind the Taycob posts...MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Ewww! Can you photoshop some gloves on him?

(Molly) Twinatic said...

thanks for sharing, now I'm sure I'll be on chewed fingernail watch as well :P

And don't feel bad about the abundance of Taycob, that's kinda what New Moon's about, it's Jacob time.

TwiWeasel said...

OK Stan, I gotta ask...WTF is wrong with you?! On the last pic - If you have to press your nose to the book to see his thumbnail that close, what is your nose touching, or at least very close to...hmmmm...and why aren't you focusing on THAT?!?! I mean, really...his freaking thumb is about an inch away from snake...and you're looking at his THUMBNAIL?!?! If that makes you feel too voyeueristic...then at least raise your eyes and look at those sculpted abs and pecs. (Be careful to not look up too far though, don't want his baby face and ruin the whole effect.)

As for the nails...he's a nail biter. I've seen it before. (Not on him. Nope, only YOU would focus on his HANDS *grin*)

Anonymous said...

Picky, picky. Tacob is a sweet down to earth boy that happens to be sculpted like a God. I wouldn't mind taking him so Bella can have Edward.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! This is exactly the kind of thing that would ruin things for me too....I wouldn't stop looking for the nails either....I feel your pain!!!! Its a touch of OCD, I think...I used to love Six Days and Seven Nights, until I discovered Anne Heche had Shovel thumbs...and now I look for them whenever it's on. LOLOL!!!!! Taycob, though, is clearly biting his nails...and hopefully he will grow out of this phase....PLEASE!!!

Stan said...

I don't know that they're bitten, they look more like he dropped something on his hand, they all dropped off and now new ones are growing, very odd looking!

Perhaps I'll start up 'Letters to Taylor'

Dear Taylor
WTF happened to your finger nails?
Stan x
P.S. I still would ;o)

DeltaDonna said...

They look like my fingernails and it is inherited.