Sunday, 18 October 2009

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I was merrily trawling my way through Twitardia last night when something on Twitter caught my eye:


Full story here TWITARDED GREATNESS! go and read and send some support if you haven't already.

WTF?  I can't even begin to put into words how wrong I think this is of Summit, I completely agree with everyone who has commented and shown support to JJ & STY over this.  Oh, and I can't wait for Summit to ban everyone apart from them using words beginning with 'Twi' seeing as these make up about half of my basic vocabulary these days. 

So, what next?  We've had an emergency summit (oh shit, am I even allowed to call it that?) this morning.  Mini Edward, Mini Jacob and I decided that Chimpsten could be next.  We're worried that Summit might spot her in the mighty New Moon remake trailer here and decide she's theirs. 

After much discussion we decided there was only one option, so we've *whispers* concealed her in the attic, Anne Frank Style.

Mini Jake & Mini Edward say a heart-wrenching goodbye to Chimpsten. 


Poor Chimpsten :o(.  Hopefully Summit will show that they have some common sense and withdraw all this crap at some point and Chimpsten will be able to come back out of the attic, blinking in the sunlight *sigh*.

Either that or PG Tips will find out that I've been using their promotional monkeh and they'll be on us too!


Snarkier Than You said...

LOL!!! poor Chimpsten!! My heart is breaking... But what other choice did you have???

Thanks for the support - I guess I am going to spend my day figuring out how to respond to this - fml...

Z Any Mouse said...

Is Chimpsten going to start a diary about the evil Summit Nazis taking over the world? At least we all know how it ends. Suck it Summit!

Robinn said...

I'm guessing someone at scummit had nothing better to do with their time than harass harmless blogsters for fun. Careful, Stan! They might throw a hissy fit over your Edbrella!

Be careful, Chimpsten! The scummit Nazis might decide you're a threat!!

ScottishRose1028 said...

Poor Chimpsten! Hopefully, she can come back out of the attic now that things are settled! :-)