Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I am so screwed…in the head

Everything makes me think of Twilight or, more specifically, the fuckhawtness that is one Mr. Robert Pattinson. Sorry, but my PattzWhore status is shining through here. (Wait a minute, I am NOT sorry!)

Tattoos, piercings, the word “kitty” and cupcakes = Clipped Wings & Inked Armor = Tattward = Robert Pattinson

Baseball = Twilight = Robert Pattinson

Elevators, neckties, office windows and stairwells = The Office = Beautiful Bastard = Robert Pattinson

Curious George = I Love L.A. = George = Robert Pattinson

ANYONE running their fingers through their hair = Robert Pattinson

Any kind of hat = Rob’s Beanie = Robert Pattinson

One of my Hubby’s nicknames for me is “Beauty” = Mr. Horrible = Rich Kid = Robert Pattinson

He called me Kitten in bed = Wings & Inked Armor = Tattward = Robert Pattinson

Mary’s Firey Fadge (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, visit ) = Sex on Fire = Many, many Robert Pattinson videos

Guns = When Mr. Stan asked me if he could borrow one to shoot…Robert Pattinson (He was joking, please don’t hurt him. I wouldn’t want Stan to be left a Widow with three small children. At least, he better have been joking.)

And last, but not least, I looked at a friend’s sonogram picture and this is what I saw:


*sigh* FML


Anonymous said...

Sounds normal to me. Everything makes me think of Twilight. Of course it is only a short hop from thinking of Twilight to drooling over Rob.

Twichotic said...

LOL!!! That's the hottest sonogram picture I have ever seen!!!!

Mary said...

LOl love the sonogram pic :)

Z Any Mouse said...

I have imprinted on your friends' baby. What's the due date?

TwiWeasel said...

@ Z Any Mouse - She was born last Saturday, actually, and she doesn't look anything like what I saw in the sono pic...which is probably good for her.

Z Any Mouse said...

@TwiWeasel - Well, I have heard some nasty rumours floating around that Robward looks like girl. Did you get the baby a Twi-Onesie?

Anonymous said...

I remember sonograms as being quite fuzzy & hard to see anything definite. Wouldn't that make it like an ink-blot?

Still glad the baby girl didn't look like Rob. He is one hot man.

Stan said...

PMSL! Good one TwiWeasel :o).

@ Z Any Mouse - LOL at you imprinting on the baby ;o)

sharon said...

try reading "Maybe" by 107yearoldvirgin and you'll be thinking lollipop..
anything in the vacinity of Edward/Rob's mouth and I'm there!
**oops daydreaming there** back to reality.