Friday, 30 October 2009

Tw-I'm back!!!


First things first people:

21 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited, much?  Moi?! *sigh*

So, yes, I'm back from deepest, darkest Wales.  Sad to report I didn't get to track Rob's Haunted Airman down, quite thankful really, not sure I could have dealt with the spiders.  I also feel I've achieved something - 5 days without the internet, go me!  Ok, so actually after a day I caved and called my phone company to ask why the internet wouldn't work on my phone.  They managed to sort it out for me, so of course the first thing I did after I checked my emails, was here.  And then I got scared.  The fit to the screen was all wrong so I was doing my best to scroll round to try and read what TwiWeasel had been writing in my absence, but it verged on impossible.

That's when I had to text Mary to tell her that I thought my phone had a crossed connection somehow, I mean, surely that couldn't be the word 'necrophilia' could it?!  LOL!  Sadly, I knew it probably was, thank God she hadn't given all my thoughts on the matter away though, like the benefits of rigor mortis, the fact he'd be pale and cold, but you'd need to pack your own glitter...erm, sorry, did I actually type that then?

*ahem*, so, moving swiftly on...

Thanks to TwiWeasel (I think ;o)) for holding the Edbrella up here. I find it impressive that her and Mary are well on their way to making Mary's fiery fadge a household name!

So, my break was nice.  We stayed in a cottage with an old friend of ours from university, her other half and his children.  Thankfully Twi was not off the conversation list as my friend is up to date on the books and my Twitardedness (and she actually thinks it's funny and not embarrassing, which is always a bonus in company!).  Her partner's daughter is 15 and also into Twilight - although it is a fine line I feel, when dealing with teenagers, not to scare them too much and, to be honest, I'm not sure I managed it.

A highlight for me was when the girls went to the cinema to see Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant.  We walked into the foyer of the cinema and....


There he was...Edward...hanging from the ceiling on a banner that must have been 9 feet high *swoon*.  So, of course, I got my phone out to text Mary, who suggested I steal it.  Hmm. If only!  Then, on the way to the screen, we spotted a cutout at the other end of the corridor, which we ear marked for a visit after the film.

So, as we got seated, there was some stirring in my bag and some little heads popped up to check out the movie vamp competition:

Chimpsten found just the thing to perfect her look, in the pick n mix.

As we sat there waiting for the lights to dim I rattled off another text to Mary: 'Hope the trailer doesn't come on, might piss my pants ;)'.  And then I stopped.  I'd been joking, but actually I suddenly realised that, actually, there was a very good chance that the trailer would be shown.  Shit.  I hadn't thought of this, I wasn't mentally prepared.  I suddenly needed a wee, no chance I was going now though, if it was on I'd miss it.  Fuuuuuck, I might actually, really piss my pants.

Then it came on!!! YAY!!  And I didn't piss my pants!!! YAY!!
I popped my Big Screen Edward cherry and my heart hammered so hard that I didn't really take much of it in, which also makes me panic a bit about the 20th November.  I know I'm going to come out of the cinema and want to watch it again straight away because it went by so quickly *sigh*.  What did make me laugh though was that I'd shown the 15yr old the photos I'd done for my version of the trailer on here.  She'd never seen that trailer before, but the moment it came on in the cinema she recognised it from my pics PMSL.

So, the rest of the holiday was ok (obviously that was the highlight ;o)).  Bit of a stressful moment yesterday, shown here in pictures:

Aww, look!  Harry & Edward :o)

Hang on, where are you off to H?  Come back!  Nooooo, not the--

...puddle.  *sigh*

Hope you've all had a good week too, I've missed everyone xx


Mary said...

Yay welcome home Stan :) Loving the pics ;)

Z Any Mouse said...

It's a good thing he's plastic Edward, and not Kleenex Edward. Now that would be a problem... Welcome back! TwiWeasel was gobs of fun too!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Twidom. Those family vacations can be tough.

TwiWeasel said...

Welcome back, Stan. Missed you greatly...Poor Edward has had a rough time of it lately.