Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm an old skool vampire....apparently

Hi my chickarino's, my little hootchie ho bags, how are we today? Well its Stan's wedding anniversary so congrat's on 8 years to you. Now if this picture had been real I'm sure you'd be strutting round in your sexy lingerie & heels preparing scrumptious little er tit (ahem) bits for Rob to eat when he got back from a hard days filming. Just like you're doing for Mr Stan right?.....er right Stan?

Yeah, in your dreams Mrs, he's mine, back off ho!

Right so where were we? Oh yes old skool vampires. Remember those before Mrs Meyer came along and turned our view of vamps on its head? Yes you do, c'mon, vampires couldn't go out in the sun, they couldn't deal with crosses, crucifixes, etc. Even in TB they reckon all that is crock but they still can't go out in the day.

So there I was yesterday, happily lying in the sun in my back garden/yard, a lovely cool breeze blowing so I didn't realise how hot it was.......and I fell asleep, oh yes, good and proper. Did I sparkle in the sun? Did I fuck, no I burned baby, I burned good which is why I have decided that I'm definately old skool and not a twinkly newbie!

This was taken this morning, see I glow, no sparkling lol

and this was last night...it didn't calm down any did it despite numerous applications of after sun and then this morning I discovered I still had some bio oil so that went on too...yes it is still very sore but it serves me right I guess.

Talking of old skool vampires, when I did my VILF post I was told off for leaving some out lol so here is Spike for those who missed him, he definately couldn't go out in the day

There is a certain something about him isn't there, I do prefer Angel, but Spike ain't bad!

Lestat from Queen of the Damned...anyone fancy a bite of him. I preferred him to Tom Cruise.

Antonio Banderas as Armand in Interview with the Vampire

Shane Brolly (unfortunate name though apt for Edbrella lol) as Kraven from Underworld

However my favourite vamp that can't go out in the sun has got to be.....

Mr Tall, blonde and rockin the black vest Eric

Oh yes Mr Skarsgard I wanna do bad things with you so very, very badly...as they say waiting sucks so HBO give us series 3 in UK NOW!!!!!!


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

PS, my boobs still hurt and no I did not burn them cooking naked... Dani!!!!!

kassiecullen said...

I'm an old skool vamp too! I went to a baseball game and it was hot as shit and I burned pretty badly, the funny thing is though when I burn my skin sparkles in the sun. It looks like I have tiny little pieces of glitter all over my arms, shoulders, chest and face. So I guess I'm a mix of old and new skool.

Only a few hours till Eclipse!!

L.LouXD said...

Well i dint burn just nice and tosty brown and I glitter because I have for some strange reason glitter in my sun lotion. :s

Mary said...

Ouch Nibs, that looks sore :( I hope it's calmed down a bit now

Love, love, love Eric *drool*

TongueTwied said...

That wedding picture is absolutely "precious" and priceless. the divorce papers would hit the fan if I did that I think.

spike! awesomely hot badass!
love angel, but shame on David B.

I just watched TB for the first time. I think I'm a goner for Skars and the brother.

Vamps are just always hot!

best sunburn remedy ever-good coating of diaper rash cream overnight. Takes away all the sting.

Becky said...

Yay!! Spike!! I don't normally do Blondes, but I find him sexy as hell, lol. (Esp in that scene where he & Buffy first get in on and demolish the building!)

I have an Aloe Vera plant that would sort that sunburn out. If only you lived closer!!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Ouch @Nibbles, that looks sore. Believe me, coming from here, I know what that's like. Aloe Vera gel is the best thing.
Eric Northman in that vest, Eric Northman in that grey suit, Eric Northman in the first episode of S3(Insert Homer Simpson do-nut drooling noises here) Alexander Skarsgard is sex on legs!

StarlitViolets said...

LOVE the face-in-hole wedding pic, Stan!!!

Happy Anniversary!

@Nibs - Thanks for the update on all our sexy non-sparkly vamps! I STILL need to watch TB!!! I will though - soon. :P

WordVerif is "opedical" - is it wrong that at first I read it "oedipal?"

Twired Jen said...

Poor thing! Well as a native Southern California girl I can tell you I have had my share of sunburns!
So some advice...don't put lotion or oil on it!!!! It traps the heat & slows the healing process. Use aloe gel or the after sun care stuff you mentioned.

Hope you feel better soon!

xo J

Anonymous said...

NIBBLES! Look at your pretty lacey top and your rockin' tattoo!!! Sunburn shmunburn, you still look "hot".

Old school vamps used to scare the bejesus out of me until Brad Pitt went and got all emo with his piercing eyeballs and long hair. Now I'm loving them ALL.

Z Any Mouse said...

Rawr! I have not yet seen Queen of the Damned, although I have read the book. Good luck with the sunburn. I am a veteran (must be part vamp), and aloe vera is the best.

Going off to edit Netflix queue now...