Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday Fun Five

Sorry this is late in the day people, I've been busy all day helping to make the school float for tomorrow's field day procession.  Anyway, it's all done now, so let the Friday Fun Fuckery commence!

So, last week's winner was Starlit Violets, so over to her:

Round TWO, baby! First - thank you to Banshee713 for picking me! I'm honored. Now - let's get down to business, hos.

1. Tell us one of the nerdiest things about yourself. Feel free to explain.

2. Other than a vampire, what type of mythical creature would you like to be?

Oops, sorry, I read that as 'be with' ;o)
3. You're getting ready to meet your fellow Twihards for an event, what do you bring in your "Survival Kit?"

4. What is the raunchiest, nastiest sexual act you would participate in if RPattz/KLutz/Any other Twi-man-hottie asked?

5. What have the Saga movies done RIGHT?! Come on - I know you liked something in them.

Or someone perhaps?
Extra Credit: What is your stance on vampire teeth? Do you agree that they should be more human, or do you prefer the pointy kind?

Well - that's me finished! ;) I hope I didn't repeat any. I can't wait to read your answers for these! MWAH!!!



Anonymous said... I go!
1) I love Civil War history
2) a witch.
3) mace
4) this is a tough one. I still don't think I could do anything that was "out of my box" ...pun intended.
5) they made the volturi creepy.

Bonus... I think they should be a teensy bit pointy.

Jayla said...

Starlit Violets- nice questions. Happy Friday h00rs and Pimp Daddy Pantz

1. Nerdiest thing?

My closet is organized by clothing type and then by color and all the hangers have to be facing the same direction.

2. Mythical creature?
A competent doctor. Okay- um, a Siren, who doesn’t want to live by the sea and have men cough-crashing-cough falling at their feet?

3. Twihard event "Survival Kit?"

My “I’m unconditionally & irrevocably in love with Cullen Men” café press-made t-shirt
Camera/Phone: to capture the debauchery and to tweet what I can’t get on the camera.
Flask filled with Licor 43 (it’s yummy & tastes like I what I think Jaz, Em & Edward should taste like) Plus the smell – warm & spicy & vanilla- would likely repulse a werewolf
The phone number of a non-Twihard lawyer friend to use incase the fun gets out of hand and we need to be bailed out.

4. What is the raunchiest, nastiest sexual act w/ the boys?

Dayum, I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do outside of golden showers or anything else involving excrement or blood. This is boring, but I’m going to say being serviced by all of them (RPattz/KLutz/JRtah) together and repeatedly would be the raunchiest thing I’d do. I wouldn’t be opposed to Ashley & Nikki joining in either- but no one asked about them.

5. What have the Saga movies done RIGHT?!

The first cafeteria scene with the Cullen’s – Melissa got that one right.

Extra Credit: What is your stance on vampire teeth?

Normal teeth work for the human facade. I think the fangs would make them look really cheesy.

TigerlilyRose said...

OOH great questions Blog Twin!

1. I am a total NERD...I love FACTS...useless, trivial stuff only people obsessed with the possibility of being on Jeopardy know. I have no interest in being on Jeopardy though, so that just makes me a Nerd.

2. A Faerie or a Mermaid

3. Bite Pack Tee and Twibite coffee cup. And a case of DisAronno and coke.

4. I have very few boundaries...LMAO

5.Yep, you got it, the best thing they have done is casting!

TigerlilyRose said...

Another nerdy thing about Shakespeare NUT...actually own the the "Complete Works of William Shakespeare" and my favorite movie is Shakespeare in Love...yep Nerd and totally explains the Twilight fetish

Bonus question: I like them more human, but have them extend when ready to feed...

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Answering first, reading later.

1. I'm not quite sure what falls under the definition of being nerdy. Does me being so super obsessive about grammar that I get really upset when people don't use it properly, count?

2. An elf - but the type of elf as described by JRR Tolkien, not the Christmas elf, pmsl.

3. Tequila. I'm not as creative as Gemma. :D

4. The only thing I find nasty in reference to sex is the peeing/pooping/bestiality/necrophilia/pedophilia. Those disgust me. Other than that, everything is allowed - bondage, threesome with a woman, with a man, spanking, anal sex, you name it. But, since I've never had sex with two guys at the same time, let's say that I would absolutely participate in that if Kellan asked me, even if that other guy wasn't part of the Twilight cast. :D

5. The cast was picked out perfectly. I loved the indie feel in Twilight, and the way soundtrack spoke instead of words a lot of the times. I loved, LOVED the baseball scene, as much as I loved the chasing Victoria scene in New Moon.

Bonus: I remember that I found those pointy Vampire teeth extremely sexy in Interview With the Vampire, but I'm glad they didn't go for them in Twilight. The regular human teeth work better in the saga.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

i have to take tom to his youth club then i will return to answer. brilliant questions though!

twilightcupcake said...

Hey girls. Back in town and this is the first thing I'm doing.

1) I'm so nerderrific where do I start. If unedited I'll go cliff claven on people correcting them on stupid factual shit about everything.

2) i'd be a fairy. The flying around sparkly granting wishes type b

3) my full size edward, camera, laptop, blindfold, lots of whipping cream. And a bottle of my fav gin.

4) my hard limits are caning, burning leaving scars, knives, bestiality, and things to do with feces. Everything else is fair game.

5) I liked most of the casting and the clothig for B and E in New Moon. I love guys in sport coats and button downs so sue me. The twinkly lights for the dance scene of twilight and the twi ballet fight scene was good too.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Hmmm I have given these some thought and here are my answers lol

1) Nerdiest thing-I feel the need to correct people when they mispronounce words and I hate bad spelling with a vengeance. Also everything has to hang facing the same way in the wardrobe, um is that enough? I don't think I'm OCD about anything else oh yes I really, really hate it if someone messes a book of mine up thats why I hardly ever lend books out!

2)Mythical creature-Elf, as in LOTR without a doubt!

3)Survival kit-ummmm mini E, some cupcakes, some Twilight chocolates, my phone/camera for blackmail/blogging purposes, hip flask (just in case) smelling salts (for those less able to handle hehe the Robbie goodness)Cushion-supporting head on anyone who faints, my sister in laws phone number-she's a barrister (just in case lol)oh yeah and a crow bar, to prise Stan away from the Tay boy!

4) Nastiest sexual act-well I'm pretty broad minded so besides besises bestiality, faeces and children pretty much anything goes!!

5)Saga movies correctness-I loved Twilight, it is my favourite film, they did most of that right for me. Otherwise they got the Volturi spot on for me and that's about it!

Extra credit-Mmmm, I like the fangy look. The idea of blending in as human so no pointy teeth is good but maybe they could go down the True Blood road and have them pop out when they're excited or pissed off. I like the idea of that...or is it thinking of Eric biting me....mmmmm Eric

Ok gotta go fetch Tom from his youth club now. See ya later alligators xx

TigerlilyRose said...

After reading everyone elses comments, I feel the need to clarify that anything that entales, animals, children, anything that leaves a mark, feces, piss, or drinking of body fluids is totally off limits...I didn't think it needed clarified....ewwww

StarlitViolets said...

Answering my own questions...

1. Nerdtastic.

I absolutely LOVE quantum physics and cosmology!!! I even like theoretical physics - I watch every one of those shows on Discovery and the rest. Oh! Also - I watch medical shows like they're going out of style.

2. Mythical Me.

I'd be a fairy!!! Did you guess? ;) Or a LOTR's elf.

3. My Twi-survival Kit:

* 1 Flask of my fave beverage
* Plenty of CASH for buying rounds for my bitches and possible bail money. Not to mention incidentals.
* My phone - duh. But with preprogrammed easy-to-drunk-dial numbers for my conveniently nearby hubby to come and rescue us all. (Although I'm a little worried he may get face-raped in the rescue process.)
* A second phone for after I lose the first.
* And my favorite pair of Docs for walking, or rather stumbling, around.
* Gum, vitamins, water, and my migraine meds for the next day's hangover, in case I don't make it back to the hotel.

4. How far for my Twi-hottie.

Okay - so, admittedly, this is a much more difficult question than I anticipated when I wrote it. I'd say I wouldn't go outside my own comfort bubble, but wouldn't be opposed to trying anything at least once either. No excrement. But I'd happily play with some leather and sex-swings! I may just like a little pain with my pleasure...

5. Saga Movie Goodness.

Firstly, of course, casting. I also think the scenery was terrific and authentic. (I almost live there, so I would know. ;)

Twilight has excellent music and New Moon has a few songs I loved.

I know I'm not in the majority, but I liked the Twilight wardrobe. And the mood of Twilight was amazing. CH did well in that area. I also liked the vampire make-up in Twilight. And loved Jane's make-up/overall look in NM!

Extra Credit:

Vampire Teeth.

I meant this question in the general sense of all vampires you've seen. I like them a bit too pointy, but not obviously so. Well - obvious to US, of course. Cuz we're observant h00rs!

Alright! Off to read some answers!

StarlitViolets said...

@Mrs. P - So few people can make me laugh so hard with so few words! LMAO! Also - have you read Beautiful Creatures? If you love Civil War history and Twilight, you'll adore it!

@Jayla - All of my hangers MUST face in the same direction - it's a FUCKING GIVEN! LOL! I'm anal like that about a lot of things though. I've hopelessly let some things go over the years, but on others there is NO compromise. And I just might have to try some of your Licor 43. Sounds absolutely delicious!

@TLR - I've missed you, bloggy twin! And I LOVE that you love Shakespeare so much! I'm just testing the Shakespearean waters right now. I have Shakespeare In Love on my Netflix instant queue! I haven't seen it yet though. :(

Is DisArrono good? Never had it.

I need a Bite Pack tee!

@Jelena - Yes! Being a grammar ninja certainly counts! I'm one too! I can't even text with made up words! Sheesh!

I can't believe I forgot NM Victoria!!! She was GREAT! So were her boots! I'm so sad that Rachelle is gone. :(

@TC - YAY! We're fairies! And I can't WAIT until Forks to see that Survivial Kit in action!

@Nibbles - I LOVE that your survival kit is so complete! I'd party with you ANY day! And I've never seen TB, but I think it's probably like The Vampire Diaries show and they only come out when they're feeding or really pissed off. Am I close?

SO funny we both felt the need to specify LOTR elves! LOL! There IS a difference!

@TLR - LMFAO!!! I didn't think it was anything but a given that we don't do anything criminal or actually damaging! But thanks for qualifying that.

Musing Bella said...

Alright, answering, then reading...

1- I enjoy making spreadsheets.

2- an Elf (like in LotR)

3- what am I bringing to FFFOOOOOOOORRRRRRRKKKSSSSS, in other words? My Team Edward tracksuit and Edlet, and a big jug of Gatorade to rehydrate myself.

4- Bondage, maybe a little light S&M. No anal. That's the same for Twilight boys and every man on Earth. TH included.

5- The kiss in the bedroom (you know the one) struck the right emotional chord. The human friends that they kept from the books (where are you, Ben???) are well-cast, IMO. Bella's car and house look like what I imagined, mostly. Charlie is awesome. There are both vampires and shapeshifter/werewolves, and everyone is named the same thing as they were named in the books. How's that?

BONUS: I kind of like that they're different for each franchise. I'm an equal-opportunity vampire teeth fan.

w/v: "surest" - these surest are some tough questions! Mwahaahhahahah... thanks, SV! Great questions!!

Musing Bella said...

LMFAO - OK, Jelena, Nibbles, SV and I are off to Rivendell. See you bitches later!

OK, I guess I was unclear as to which of my behaviors would qualify as "nerdy," so now that I've seen what you all said, let me add: I am a grammar nerd/nazi/ninja (even when texting), I have all my hangers (and TH's) facing the same direction, my closet is organized by type of clothing, my DVDs are in alphabetic order, my books are categorized on the shelves (like in a store: all Horror is together, etc), I correct people when they mispronounce words, I hate seeing words misspelled, I always watch Jeopardy, and I, too, am a bit of a Shakespeare nut. So, I feel very at-home here with all of you. ;)

建月 said...

Man proposes, God disposes...................................................................

Dangrdafne said...

1. Tell us one of the nerdiest things about yourself. Feel free to explain.

So many things and so little room LOL!!

2. Other than a vampire, what type of mythical creature would you like to be?


3. You're getting ready to meet your fellow Twihards for an event, what do you bring in your "Survival Kit?"

presents :)

4. What is the raunchiest, nastiest sexual act you would participate in if RPattz/KLutz/Any other Twi-man-hottie asked?

I wouldn't.

5. What have the Saga movies done RIGHT?! Come on - I know you liked something in them.

That they made them at all because they certainly could have not made them at all.

Extra Credit: What is your stance on vampire teeth? Do you agree that they should be more human, or do you prefer the pointy kind?

I like slightly pointy.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Oh wow, I cannot believe how many of us answered Elf. Awesome! And that the other half answered fairies, and then we have a couple of witches too. Wow. Just wow.

Also, I forgot to mention that all my hangers have to face the same way. I thought it was just me. It's awesome to see other freaks out there. :D

StarlitViolets said...

Okay - after much deliberation, I choose.................................


You win, girly! I can't wait to read what you come up with!