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Community FanFic Thursday

Hello!  Hello! *Waves arms to get attention*  Hey!  I'm down here, yep, a bit lower, past his nose...lips...chin...That's it!

It's that time again ho's!  This week's starter is by Becky :o)

I was having the best night ever......

It was my 21st birthday and I was dancing at a club with my two best friends, Alice and Rose. We'd been out all night and by now we were more than slightly drunk. I should have been embarrased by the way we were dancing, especially since half the club seemed to be watching us now, but I couldn't give a fuck! It was my birthday after all.

Rose was behind me, with her hands resting on my hips. When she leaned in to talk to me, I felt her hot breath on my ear, " "Hey Bella, lets go get a drink. All this dancing has made me thirsty". I laughed at her and replied, " You just want to ogle that guy behind the bar! But ok, I could do with some water." Not that I blamed her, he was hot, if you liked your men big and muscly. We grabbed Alice and made our way through the crowds to the bar.

As I waited for Rose to stop flirting and get our drinks, I felt cold fingers trail up my arm and across my bare shoulders. I gasped and turned round quickly to see who it was. I was met by the most delicious sight ever, dark eyes stared down at me intently surround by the most beautiful face I had ever seen on a man. He reached up and carressed my cheek, " I've been watching you Isabella." Oh, just hearing my name from those perfect lips had me all hot and bothered, " I want you. You need to come with me now." His voice was hypnotic and I found myself nodding my agreement. I know I shouldn't be doing this with a complete stranger, but I seemed to have no control over my actions.

"Tell your friends you are going to the bathroom, dont let them come" He looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to act . I quickly explained to Alice where I was going and waved off her offer to join me. "I'm fine, don't worry". I told her, feeling anything but fine!

He grabbed my hand and led me through the club. We were moving too fast for my drunken state and I tripped and felt myself falling. Suddenly I was scooped up in a hard, cold embrace and by the time I had registered what had happened we were through a door and in a dimly lit room.

He put me down and I adjusted my clothes, " Where are....." the words caught in my throat as I turned to look at him, his eyes weren't just dark, they were a dark ruby red and he was looking at me like I was something to eat.

Suddenly I realised this was a very, very bad idea. Oh Shit! ....................

Good one Becky!  Who wants to go first?

Sorry Tay, you ain't got no hammock, I don't want to play.  Hey, I'm fickle, what of it?


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

He put me down and I adjusted my clothes, " Where are....." the words caught in my throat as I turned to look at him, his eyes weren't just dark, they were a dark ruby red and he was looking at me like I was something to eat.

Suddenly I realised this was a very, very bad idea. Oh Shit! ....................

I stared at him my eyes wide, I'm sure I looked like one of those bush baby things. I smiled nervously at him and said "I really think I do need the bathroom after all, I'll just be one teensy moment then I'll be back" I walked towards him and put my hand on the door thinking YAY, get away, when his hand slapped down on top of mine "No" he whispered harshly "You will stay here, you are mine now"
What is it they say about a whisper being louder than a shout? I dunno but its goddamn true.

I stepped back again and said "I'm yours? I don't even know your name? Who are you? You know me..."
"Oh yes I know you Isabella Swan, I know you very well indeed, I've watched you for weeks and now on your 21st birthday, you are mine. I will keep you until I see fit to be rid then you will go"
His eyes burned into me...I felt like an ant in his gaze, I needed to drag time out then people would look for me..."Um ok, I still don't know your name though"

His blue eyes swept over me, his blonde hair hung over his shoulders and surrounded his beautiful face. God I could lose myself in those eyes

"Its James, Master James to you"
Banging on the door tore his eyes from me.
"Hey, open the door, open the fucking James I know you're in there, open this door before I break it down"

Wow, that voice I irrationally thought...then I giggled and James did the bitch brow on me..I giggled again and said "I think there's an angry angel out there.

The door began to splinter...woah that's some serious battering going on. James unlocked the door and a huge, tall man fell in and grabbed James.
"WTF do you think you're doing know Daddy C said no to you"

James seemed to shrink and mumbled in a sulky little boy voice "I know but I want her, its not fair, she is mine Edward"

"No she is not" replied the angel voiced Edward. My brain was hoping that his face matched his voice because hoo mama I wanted to see.

"Come on....home James" he chuckled at his own joke and began to move out of the room.

"Hey, um thank you" I called out and without turning his head the angel said "no problem" and then disappeared at speed.

"Woah" I murmured "that was soooo quick" I ran out of the room just to see the crowd parting by the door and hear shouts of "Hey Cullen watch where you're going"
So angel was Edward Cullen I mused or maybe his cousin was James Cullen....hmmm maybe I could do some digging. I had to see if his face matched his voice. Ooo maybe he didn't turn around because his face didn't match. Maybe he was ugly, maybe he just thought he was ugly and really he was devastatingly handsome. I mean his cousin was gorgeous...
I realised Alice was prodding me and saying my name over and over.
I grabbed her arm and gabbled "I HAVE to know who edward Cullen or whatever his name is Alice, I have tooooooo!"
Her squeaking alerted me that my grip was kinda hard and I released her arm.
"Damn girl, I'll find out if its all that important, I know that name...Carlisle Cullen, I think he's a plastic surgeon or something like that. Really rich, mega bucks, beautiful people, you know" she said.
Hmmm maybe that was the infamous daddy C Angel mentioned I mused.
I HAD to know, suddenly i was sober and wanting to go home and google the heck out of the Cullens name...

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

We were all esconsed in my bedroom, crowded around the lap top on my bed and looking at pictures of plastic surgery procedures making comments like gross, good that is soooo fake and yuk dirt.
"OMG, Daddy C has his own clinic" I laughed
"Daddy C" Alice & Rosie chorused "Who the heck is that?"
"That's what the Angel called him, Daddy C. Maybe Carlisle is his father or James father and Angel's Uncle...I dunno" I muttered
"Go on images" suggested Rosie "Look under Carlisle Cullen"
"OoooOoooOOOOoooo my God" We all sang as one.
A full screen picture of the most gorgeous man I have seen in a long time filled the screen
"Woah, that is a seriously good looking man" said Alice "Does he have any children?"
I mooched around google and found that Daddy C and his wife Esme who was incidentally fantastic looking as was he, perks of being married to a plastic surgeon I figured had adopted no less than 3 boys before they found out that Carlisle had had a child from a previous relationship. The mother had died and Daddy C had been found through papers in the mothers belongings.
"Bet that was a shock" muttered Rosie.
The boys Jasper and Emmett were both amazingly beautiful men in different ways. Emmett was huge, a bear of a man and Jasper was slighter but still powerfully built.
"So which one's your Angel" asked Alice because I really like the look of Jasper!"
"Dibs on Emmett, er if he's not the Angel" yelled Rosie who was still kinda drunk
"I don't think it was either of them...he had crazy dark hair and was more lithe looking than those two. Why are there no Angel pictures" I wailed
Alice carried on looking as I flopped back on the bed in disgust.
" Here" she whooped..."Oh pictures...just a few words saying he is busy studying medicine and hopes to follow in his adopted fathers footsteps. He helps out at the clinic though as part of his training"
Rosie laughed and said "Bells you gotta go have a consultation for surgery and have a mooch around the place"
"Surgery...on what...I'm not perfect but what can I have done?"
Alice looked at me and said "Well, you could say you wanted a nose job..."
"What's wrong with my nose" I glared at her "Come on, what's wrong with it?"
"Nnnothing Bells, jeez I'm just thinking of something, come on, write the number down, we're gonna make you an appointment tomorrow!!"

Oh boy I thought...this is gonna be one of Alice's mad schemes..what have I let myself in for...and what WAS wrong with my nose?

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