Tuesday, 22 June 2010

WILF's!!! Or Wolfs I'd like to play with, although some may have to have a manicure and put a bag on their head...just sayin!

Oh me, oh my, what a beautiful day it is again here in good old Blighty. The sun is blazing down and its set to stay for a while, YAY!!!! I love the sun, I hate winter, I get so gloomy and fed up but the sun makes me feel so good. I need to move to Florida...I so wish!!

Right yesterday was the VILF post, today is the WILF's turn, ahem, some people may not want to look at this post at all but all fair in love and lust I say.

I want to start out with a relatively new wolf to the game. He is Alcide in the new series of True Blood and OMG what a bloody hunk he is!

Woof! Grrrrrowl, hell yes Mr Herveaux!

Or Joe Manganiello as he is really known as. I'll take either though I do like Alcide's rough, tough persona and longer hair, nom, nom ,nom......hooooooowwwwwl

Um, he's looking a bit more grown up these days, maybe

maybe if I got a bag...

Yeah ok he is looking pretty fucking fit here, hand me the bag and the gloves...I'm going in/on

Ok so Benicio del Torro is not a hunk as such but he definately has something about him

Mmm maybe its the latin look of him, no shirtless ones for love nor money though

We can't have wolves without Mr Huge Ackman as Wolverine lol

Hmmm Huge wet and looking heavenly...wonder if he smells of dog? I've decided I don't care

Ok Hugh, you're son is cute but outta the way kid you're daddy is frickin hot, nom, nom, nom, who needs ice cream, can I lick him please....shoo kid, shoo!

Of course there are those in True Blood who can turn into whatever they want...

Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte in TB is a good guy who is a true shifter and can change into anything he wants

Not a bad looking guy, but I prefer Eric & Alcide lol, he has boobs here hehe

I couldn't leave out Teen Wolf could I!?

M J Fox was a bit of cutey in his time too

I know he's not a wolf but I bet he could make a gorgeous looking one and I mean he is as hairy as hell anyway. I wouldn't say no to him curling up in my bed and keeping me warm hehe

So who would you want keeping you warm out of this little hairy lot? I'll take Alcide, Rob and Hugh of course, maybe a small side order of Tay, Tay, bagged to go of course lmao


Stan said...

ROFL! I tell you what, that Sookie Stackhouse is one hell of a lucky biatch. After this and the VILF post I think I might have to re-read the TB books.

I don't think I need to answer your questions Nibs ;o)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

You must, Stan I love them all so much even the new one, might have to go watch some TB. Who'd have thunk werewolves were so yummy lol

Mary said...

I told you the new one was a sexy sod

nom,nom,nom all day long.

I'm not looking at Taycob, i'm still feeling poorly and can't cope with any more illness from perving


Dangrdafne said...

I choose E) All of the above (minus Benicio - he just is not a favorite of mine).

SmuttierThanYou said...

wait, I have to choose just one? I thought this was an all you can eat buffet? I want a refund! But yeah, I'm crazy stoked about seeing Alcide *fans self*

Becky said...

Rofl @ the bag & gloves comment!! He still looks too young for me, give me new TB wolf anyday! *sigh*.

I love a bit of Wolverine, but the hair puts me off!

I quite like micheal sheen ( I think that's who it is) as a wolf in Underworld too.

Jayla said...

Nibbles: A bag- really?! You're fuckawesome.

I'd like an order of Hugh with a side of Rob. Thank you.

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

LOL!! Michael J. Fox? You are too funny, and too (kind).

Yes, I agree with you on all counts, and rawr to Benicio Del Toror.

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Hugh is mine, I saw him first! As himself that is, not wolverine, the hair is frightening. And providing he doesn't ever make another movie like Australia, fuck that was embarressing. Alcide is a big hunk o' spunk (looking forward to the state he's in after shifting) & Rob can bring home Taycob in a doggy bag for my daughter.

TwiWeasel said...

I had a surprising little twinge down there *points at lap* at that last picture of TayTay...WTF is happening to me?

OK, ok...I'll take Hugh with a small side of Taytor Tot...on a RPattz platter. Bwahahahaha!

Z Any Mouse said...

You had me in my wolfie happy place, that is until the picture of Teen Wolf. Lol, that just killed me.

Going back to the top now. Alcide....yum!