Wednesday, 2 June 2010

RobManiPorn & Community FanFic Thursday :o)

So yesterday I *ahem* came across this blog which I know all of you dirty ho's would like, so I decided to rec it here and spread the word - Robmaniporn.

Here is their description, taken from their sidebar:

What the hell is RobManiPorn?

Well, isn't it obvious? It's manipulated Robporn. His head, on hot bodies. Can it get any better?
CaroSlickLips finds the goods, and Lindz does the manip'in. It's a match made in Robporn heaven.
So tune in for your daily dose of Robmaniporn. You will not leave disappointed....or with a dry pair of panties. ;o)

They create and share such gems as this:

And this...

And this...

So, go and take a look, there's loads more to enjoy over there. Bow down to the greatness of Caro & Lindz, tell them that we sent you, and enjoy!

Ok, now over to Nibbles who's going to start us off with this week's CFF! Hi Nibs....

Hi Stan, I feel like I'm doing the weather on a news back to Stan in the studio....Stan?...Stan? I'm sorry ho's but due to technical difficulties we cannot return to Stan so its over to Jasper in studio 5......

Alice watched as Jasper carried on interviewing the gorgeous but high strung actress, the new "great find" in the acting world. One film she mused and just because she has a body to die for everyone is falling over themselves...even Jasper it seemed.

"So Nikki Beaverhausen; that's an interesting name by the way. To what do attribute your meteoric rise to fame?" Jasper asked leaning towards the dark haired voluptuous actress

"Why Jasper, I think my talent speaks for itself don't you? I mean ok I'm starring with Robert Pattinson who is the hottest thing on the planet right now but my scenes stand apart, don't you think" she stared into Jaspers beautiful eyes and felt herself relax all over.

Alice sighed another piece of totty fell prey to Jaspers feel good nature. It just wasn't natural to feel that relaxed around a man. Although relaxed was not how Jasper made her feel lately. Everytime he came near her, her heart thumped, her breathing quickened and once she actually felt herself getting wet when they'd been stuck in the elevator for 15 minutes together, just the 2 of them. She sighed again and moved into the studio as they broke for a news update.

"Hey Jasper, I have some invites here for this evening, do you want to go to any?" She raised an eye brow at him.

Miss Beaverbritches pouted and said in her grating baby voice " But Jazz I thought we were going back to my hotel to discuss and er in depth interview"

"Look Nikki, you suggested that I didn't say anything and I have to go with my manager here to discuss my options for next season, don't I Alice" he gazed pointedly at Alice and Alice gazed back, lost in his caramel eyes, caramel with a splash of gold hints. Alice sighed again.

"Alice....Alice....Helllo, we have to go out tonight don't we!!!!" Jaspers voice broke through her reverie..

"Oh yes, contracts, options, meeting tonight" She smiled and virtually skipped away. What was Jasper playing at, why were we meeting she thought.

The last hour flew by and next Alice knew Jasper was ushering her into the parking lot and towards his car, his arm around her. "Jasper whats the hurry? Where are we going?"

As Jasper got to his car he spun Alice around and pressed her against the cherry red metal and murmured "I can't hold back any longer Alice" He bent his head and pressed his lips to hers, sparks seemed to fly and they groaned at the same time as Alice opened her mouth to him...a camera flash went off and Jasper growled "shit" and "Esme".

Alice looked back at him..."'re married?"

"No, nooo, it's look it's complicated, I've got to go, damage limitation, this isn't what I...oh God what a mess..I have to see you again, Alice, just bear with me"

Then he was gone, the car screeching away and Alice stood forlornly in the car park....

Take it away girls....


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Whoo hoo, loving the porn!!!! Today is a gorgeous day and my hay fever is reaching fever pitch-joy lol, laters ladies xx

Becky said...

Those manips are hot!! I would love love to continue the CFF but my 6yr old is insisting I take her swimming!! And she keeps watching what i am doing, lol.

Anonymous said...

Woah..that first manip reminds me of MOBS when he makes her smoke while she is on the bed and they....oh god. Now I'm hot and bothered...I'll be back later...

CaroSlickLips said...

Oh how cool! I love that you guys do this. It's like broken telephone, but so much better! :)

Thanks for the rec. We have fun on that sexy blog and on FB. Come play with us :)

Stan said...

Aww, it's a pity it's a quiet day here on CFF Caro, nobody's been out to play. Looks liek the school holidays are a bit of a cock blocker ;o)

Lindz said...

This was so great! Thank you so much for rec'ing us...what a treat.

As Caro said, we do have a lot of fun there. Hope to see some of you there;)

It looks as though you all have a blast here too!


17foreverlisa said...

You know I suck at CFF, but I had to make it over here for the manips. That first was is H.O.T. You know how I love b&w images of Rob. Mrs. P may see MOBS, but I see...wait for it...Robsten!!!

Just made my day, girlies.



Twired Jen said...

LMAO these are fantastic, thanks for sharing!

@Lisa I immediately saw Robsten before I saw your comment. Our brains are Robstenized. ;)
xo J

17foreverlisa said...

@Jen - *high five*

CaroSlickLips said...

Aw, I'll have to come back for CFF another day then :(

Thanks so much for the comments. Lindz works her little fingers to nubs trying to get Rob in just the right poses. She handles him well *snickers*

LOL @ Robstenized...Ya know, the more I start liking Kristen, the more I see the Robsten connection too. ;o)

Twi-Hearted said...

Hey guys! I'm new to this site, but I've been hovering over at Twitarted, Twibite, and Twilight Mommy for a while Now. Lovin' this site too!!

BTW - I just added RobManiPorn to my favorites bar :)
I think it may be as close to Ron Porn as we will ever get. I just don't see our lovely Brit guy making a home sex video that will get leaked and then bought by all of Twihoors, so I'm taking FULL advatage of this site!

Stan said...

Ooh, a newbie! Hi Twi-Hearted and thanks for joining in, hope to hear more from you :o) xx

StarlitViolets said...

Wow Stan! You really are trying to kill me aren't you? I'm still trying to recover my breathing. Whew! Uh oh, not again -


Too late. LOL!!! Sorry CFF didn't take off this time. Let's use Nibs' starter for next week's.