Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I pissed him off so much that he went to bed

Allegedly anyway. Oh and i'm typing in blue because the last couple of times I tried to post, it all went invisible on my ass!

Anyway, whilst watching the MTV movie awards last night Mr Mary had enough of my comments, running commentary etc that he took himself off to bed early muttering something along the lines " I'm fucking sick of this Twattinson bloke"


At this point I was whimpering to myself thinking we were going to see full on snogging. When Mr Mary pipes up with " where the fuck are her tits?"  
He does have a point to be fair, where are her tits? That outfit has totally squashed the girls.

It was, apparently, totally unnecesary for me to squeel or announce "I've had him" every time the camera shot to Rob in the audience *shrugs*
My son even stopped laughing after the fourth or fifth time of my "I've had him" comment. Personally I don't think that one ever wears thin, it constantly amuses me ;)

I think the kiss re enactment was really cute and funny but seriously don't ever push Rob away again like that or someone is gonna totally bitch slap you! HARD

I think Rob looked totally adorkable as usual, the hair is really doing it for me

Off to get some breakfast xxx



NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I love his hair at the moment it is fucking lovely.
PMSL @ I've had him, no it never wears thin, although I doubt my hubward would apppreciate it at all lol. Loving the pics Mary xx

Becky said...

Oh, fab post! I agree, his hair is fucking hot!! And he just oozes confidence now, which is also fucking hot! *fans self*

And thats what I said about her chest! It never looked that flat before. I was chatting to Stan whilst watching and she reckoned that Anna Kendrick had her share! (Did you see her shoes aswell??)

I personally don't think there was enough Rob last night, lol.

I had sent hubs upstairs, so I watched it in peace!

SmuttierThanYou said...

*le sigh* the hubs may or may not have had to tackle me to the ground after I bull-rushed the flat screen with full intentions of licking it everytime The Pretty came on...but I can neither confirm nor deny those accusations.

Mary said...

@nibbles he never reacts anymore. God knows how many times he's heard me say it over the years. I never tire of it lol
@Becky I couldn't help but notice her rack! I thought those babies were gonna fall out
@smuttier than you pmsl @ neither confirm or deny. Spoken like a pro

Twired Jen said...

LOL my s/o started talking during the Eclipse clip and I yelled "SHUT UP!!!!!!!" He got all pissed off and after looked at me and said "Haven't u see that clip a million times?" Of course I yelled "NO, it's brand new...geeez." Then he sulked off to bed. Oh well. Luckily I was able to watch it a few thousand times again online.

As for Rob & Kris....I loved the whole couple vibe that was emanating from them all evening, but I do admit to wishing Kristen wouldn't have been soooo NERVOUS NELLY!

xo J

SmuttierThanYou said...

@Mary the 'neither confirm no deny' is a nasty lil side effect of being married to the law. He gets all 13 year old bitchy little girl when I use it on him. *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

I've had him.

Mary said...

@smuttier than you *tut* they can be sooooo touchy
@mrs p you'll find yourself using it all the time now

kassiecullen said...

"...but seriously don't ever push Rob away again like that or someone is gonna totally bitch slap you! HARD"
you tell her!!! lmao

C r y s t a l said...

Just stumbled upon this blog! Love it!

Yes - where were her tits that night. If there is one thing I've realized about Kristen, sometimes the girls appear much bigger than they really are and other times, they are barely there. This was a case of the barely there.

I'm sure Rob got his full of them later!

ElwoodK_Rank佳玲 said...
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Mary said...

@Kassiecullen well it had to be said ;)

@Crystal hello and welcome :) thank you for stumbling our way. Hope to speak to you again soon

Kelly said...

OH MAN!! Mu comment didn't take..


Not just push him away but PUSHED HIS FACE AWAY.. that is a HUGE NFW from me.. I would like to apply for the B!tch Slap detail... anytime it's needed I'm there.. oh and please.. can we have a back of the head flick patrol for eye rolls? When someone is thanking you... you do not roll. you eyes! It's just rude!

That is all :)

Great post by the way :)