Monday, 7 June 2010

So what did you really wanna do?

Hi de ho you ho's; how's it hanging today? Well as you can see by the title of the post this is about what you really wanted to do with your life. Are you living the dream? Doing the job you always wanted to do or just working in the job you ended up in? What path did you really want to take, what job do you wish you had?

As we all know Rob really wants to be a musician but as his second calling panned out he's not doing a bad job of it. He has more films on the go than any actor I know of.
With the help of Robmaniporn (thanks Robmaniporn-I lurve your pictures) we can see what he might of become!

Rock star Rob...He still could become a rock star, I'm sure his legions of fans would buy any recordings he made...I coulda been a rock star lol. I got asked to sing with a local band when I lived oop north but it was mainly because I had a really sore throat and sounded all husky and shit. I can't sing to save my life, although I tend to try when I'm pissed...

How about....

Cabbie you doin' lady? Where's you wanna go? Oh Robert you can take me for a ride wherever you want to darlin hehe. I could been a cabbie but with my road rage and intolerance of people giving me shit I'd be a crap cabbie!


Boxer Rob? Noooooooooo I think not, his pretty face might get bashed up and then what would we do. I'd look after him and tend his wounds... I coulda been a contender, I've punched a few folks in my time. Oh yes I have lol, mainly blokes. Girls fight dirty!


Dr Rob!! Hell yes...he can take my temperature and examine me any day thank you. Maybe I coulda been a Doctor I actually enjoyed biology but listening to peoples moans and problems wouldn't make me a happy bunny. I tip my cap to TC at this point.


Cowboy brokeback mountain here, I'd be riding his trail hard (smirk)

I coulda been a cowgirl (forward or backward facing, tee hee) but I've never learnt to ride a horse and I'm scared of heights but I love horses, they're so beautiful...just like Rob

Personally I pretty much wasted my education, I was going to join the police force, passed all the exams but because of my back and knee following the bike smash I failed the medical. After that I sort of drifted along doing all sorts of crap, factory work, bar maiding then I worked for a chain of opticians for a few years until I became a Doctors secretary. What I always wanted to do though was own my own shop that sold vintage and freaky clothes and shoes, stuff like that. Jewellry, perfumes, essential oils. There is a market in Birmingham called Oasis that sells all that sort of stuff and much more so a kind of condensed version of that. Ok ladies what did you really want to do?


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Just looking at cowboy Rob again reminds me I have to hit the trail (his trail I wish!) and go get some milk. Laters ho bags x

Becky said...

I don't know how you can have any coherant thoughts whilst looking at that picture!! It is my fav robmanip so far! ( apart from the 'suck me' one on their site, lol).

Just snuck back for a look, and holy shit the '9mm' one, is hot as fuck!

Sorry, got sidetracked! I don't work at the min. I used to really like my job, I was a Software Tester for a big Telecomms company and I was the only girl, it was a great laugh. Unfortunately we were all made redundant when I was pregnant. Couldn't get another p/t job that would pay for child care of the other two!! I have to say I have enjoyed these last 5 years of not working, apart from having no money, lol!
I will have to get another job after Sep, when my youngest starts school and I have absolutely no idea what to do!!!

Anonymous said...

I went to college thinking I was going to be a math teacher, but when I started student teaching I wanted to run out of the school AND set it on fire behind I got a degree in pure mathematics and went to work in the financial industry. I did briefly get hired by the university to teach their precalculus class and I liked it better than teaching high school age, but it wasn't my cup of tea. After that I was working at citigroup as an auditor and was still doing that when I left work to have my son. I was doing pretty well, but it wasn't what I SET OUT to do. I really hate working for people. I guess my dream job has always been to find some way to work for myself...own my own business, be my own boss.

Dangrdafne said...

Here's your get to know Dangrdafne moment:

When I was a young girl I was either going to be a professional roller skater or a Veterinarian. I know, bipolar child. I am neither of these today though.

I went to college and have a degree in Psychology and I always thought I would be a school psychologist. I am not that either.

I then thought I just want to help people and I do actually do that in my job. Not only am I treated like the work psychologist so I help my co-workers in their lives but my company makes medical device products that help to actually save people's lives. I work on the regulatory side of things and am responsible for labeling, documentation and audits with the FDA, ISO and internal. I love that our products help people and we have saved my sister's eyesight, my best friend's father's eyesight, many premature babies and helped many people while they were in the hospital. This makes me happier than you can know. While my job itself gets on my nerves and sometimes I want to scream and run away, I always remember that without our products there would be people suffering and that is not acceptable to me.

So am I doing what I wanted to do? I guess in the end, yes I am. I am helping people and that has always been a goal of mine.

Thanks for this question today, it is helping me reaffirm my love of my job and making this Monday MUCH better.

Miss and love you Nibbles!

Stan said...

*sigh* RobManiPorn is the BEST blog!

Anyway, I always wanted to be an English teacher while I was growing up. I then decided at about 17 that I'd love to be a forensic psychologist. I went to university and got a psychology degree but had changed my mind about what I wanted to do by then.

When I left uni I'd gone back to my home town and Mr Stan had gone back to his. He got a 'proper' job first so he bought a house up here and I moved up. I got a job working for the Car Tax office but decided I'd like to do something more so I did a teaching certificate to teach A level psychology. Only I never handed all of my coursework in cos I'm crap, so I never got the cert and didn't teach. I then went to work for the Probation Service. I decided while I was doing that that I'd like to do primary teaching, but before I could I got pregnant with my middle son. After that I decided that I'd love to do midwifery. Anyway, after my middle son was born I finished work because of the cost of childcare, like Becky. And here you find me, still sitting wondering what to do with my life, thinking about primary teaching again, but still with dreams of writing a book!

Mary said...

Holy fuckery Dr Rob!

I was a contortionist as a kid and once was asked to train in Russia with their gymnasts but I was only 10 or 11 and far too scared to go. I thought I would do it forever lol
Then I wanted to join the fire brigade. Until they discovered I was colour blind. I just fannyed around in different jobs. Had 3 kids and now I decorate cakes :)

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

It's good to be back from vacation and pop on over here to see hot Rob manips. That cowboy one.... Damn!

Anyway, no I am not doing what I always wanted to do and honestly, I didn't know jack shit when I was younger. I was stupid and partied all the time. I wouldn't have appreciated it anyway, but now... Now, I would and that comes down to writing. I love writing so much, if only I could get paid to do it.

Lindz said...

First off...I did a little dance around the room when I saw today's post..of course. So excited you love our career Rob's so much! LOL! We love him all his nekkid (or almost) glory.

As for career...I wanted to be a criminal psychologist and started studying in college, but realized that psychology and I did not mix. So I ended up with a degree in English Lit, with the hopes to someday teach Special Education and utilize my years of studying American Sign Language.

Well, by the time I got out of college, (Because I partied so much there it took a few years longer than anticipated) I was fucking tired of school. Worked a few odd jobs, met a guy, got married and now have 3 little boys.

I spend my free time now editing fanfiction for authors, doing graphic arts and of course mainpulating gorgeous Rob. My hopes, with my dear friends, is to one day become involved in running a publishing company...Let's face it, I am not getting any younger, right!

Anyway, this was fun to hash out where the last 15 years of my life went! LOL! Thanks for the blog love ladies, it is much appreciated :)


Stan said...

Hey Lindz, I'm a member of the '3 little boys' club too! How old are your *ahem* angels?

Kelly said...

OK.. it's weird that your post happens to be themed after my favorite song! If you haven't heard this before.. take a isten.. then come back and comments...

Are you "Livin' the Life"?

Kelly said...

And by the way... I'm not ... but I will be soon.. cause I just had an aha moment :)

Lindz said...

LOL@Angels...yeah, thats what I frequently call them *snickers* Mine are (almost) 7, 5, and (almost) just about 2 years apart...what about yours?

They sure keep me, yelling, running around, cleaning..oh, I already said that! LOL

CaroSlickLips said...

Thanks for lovin' on RMP, guys. He really really likes to be loved on ;o)

So ever since I was maybe 2 or 3, I wanted to be a teacher. I went through my entire life convincing myself that this profession would make me happy.

I finish my two degrees, get a job, and what to I learn, to my dismay? I hate the job. Like, full on, "sit at my desk crying" hate the job. The sad thing was that I had such a great class of wonderfully sweet kids, and still I hated the job.

Then I got to thinking...what if I have a class of monsters? I will. DIE.

So now I'm avoiding all things "teaching" like the plague and working with my father in our family pizzeria. Oh. Joy.

The good thing about working in a place you absolutely HATE WITH EVERY FIBER OF YOUR BEING is that you will not get comfortable. So I know it's only a matter of time before I finally get off my ass and find a new profession.

Those two degrees have to come in handy for more than just decorating my damn walls, right?!

So that's my career situation ATM. Fun times ;o)

Stan said...

@ Lindz, same here :o). Mine are 6, 4 and the youngest is 3 on 26th this month. There's 16mths between the first two and 22mths between the second too, and today they've run rings around me! Bedtime any moment now!

MCvelvetkitten said...

At age of fourteen, I was a girl with a plan: after High School University, after that few years of work, then get married and have a baby.

I went to uni, to study fashion design. Dropped out after two years when I figured out that it wasn’t for me at all. Instead I became a means wear tailor. Then suddenly love hit me and I dropped my life I had built and moved across the country to live with the man I love. It has been four stormy years, filled with joy and sadness, crazy blind love and low hits from reality.

Now I am back at studying and God help me, this time I will get the damn degree - in technical design of clothing and technology.

I am 26, currently jobless, no kids but I have a man who adores and loves me and whom I love madly. I have no idea what to do with my life or what happened to my dreams. I haven’t accomplished anything big in my life BUT I am happy with where I am today. =) I haven’t made it yet, but I will. It all will come at its own time.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Wow, those manips are crazy.

When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to be an actress. When I was 15, I started acting at this amateur theater group, and after spending two years there, I realized that's not for me at all. I was too impatient with others - when they forgot their lines, couldn't remember where to move, and stuff like that. But more importantly, I realized that I have a difficult time detaching myself from the characters I played. Therefore, I could easily get lost in them.

When I went to Uni I picked Film Studies. It was something that interested me, but I didn't really have a lot of choice either, because I was 18, almost 19, when we moved to Canada in my senior year of High School. Looking at it from this perspective, it's a miracle I even enrolled at Uni. I was a fantastic student - maybe not in terms of grades, but in terms of understanding the matter. The profs loved me.
However, the honest truth is, that up until I read Twilight and found myself here, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Even my therapist said last year that I look like I need to take an orientation test - like what I want to be.

I did know for a while that I wanted to be writer, but I never had the guts. I needn't go into details, as you gals on Edbrella are more than aware of my aspirations. :D

Trixie and Tess said...

I seriously don't think my heart could take Rock Star Rob. That man would be sexy cleaning a toilet.