Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It's Edbrella's anniversary!

Music to scroll by

As soon as I hear this I think Twilight

It's Edbrellas anniversary wooooooooooohooooooooooooooo.

This is my celebration post of all my fave Twi-Edbrella stuff over the past 12 months....

My best bits....and i'm not talking about my rack!

Looking through the old posts it seems the most popular ones have been the games, such as FFF and the CFF. Here's where that all started Here

I'd have to say that all those old posts where we just went off on one in the comments have definately been my faves :) You Ho's never fail to make me smile, or more often than not do my attractive snorting/snotty laughter all over my laptop.

Of course over time I've made some really good friends. I mean REALLY good friends. The sort I can open my heart to and they still actually like me! Distance means nothing really. It would be lovely to be able to meet up more often, or at all in the case of my overseas besties, but just knowing that they're there for me is enough. *wipes a tear away* No doubt it's Twilight that shoved us all in a darkened room together and made us confess our sins of lusting over Edward and co. Thank fuckery for Twilight I say!

old lady pic for Stan ;)
(Note from Stan ~ I reckon the dark-haired woman left of centre must be a relation - she's got my double chin!!)

This year I was mostly excited about Eclipse

This picture just about sums the film up for me

I never thought the rest of the saga would live up to Twilight, then along comes Eclipse and totally knocked me off my feet. I still like New Moon, but I LOVE Twilight and Eclipse. Everything about the film is fantastic. Well apart from some of the shiteous wigs, but i'm not gonna pick fault ;)
I also fell a little bit in love with Jasper in Eclipse *blush*

Then there's Rob. No words needed, just enjoy

Hellooooooooooooooooooooo still with me ? Focus Ho's!!!!

I'm going to end this by saying a huge thank you to everyone who takes the time and and makes the effort to read and comment on any of the posts here.

I love you all and thank you for being along for the ride

Mary xxx

Yep, September 15th is officially Edbrella's birthday. Is it really only a year?! I say that because the friends I've made along the way make me feel as though I've known them forever.

It's hard to believe now that I started this on my own. Me and Mary actually had our own little joint venture Twilight blog elsewhere, but eventually I got The Wease on board blogging with me after she did some holiday blog-sitting for me, and then persauded Mary to join us and we left our other little blog empty to move in here together.

Next thing, Nibbles appeared in our blogosphere creating all kinds of mayhem with her manic comments. I knew we had to have her, so I enticed her in. Finally we met fellow Brit Becky, and although she doesn't blog diectly, she does join in if we have any discussions on anything - if we can get her nose out of the thirty or so fanfics she reads a week.

Soooo, my favourite, and now somewhat legendary, Edbrella post I think, is the New Moon trailer, featuring Chimpsten. Refresh your memories here.

This year for me has been special, not least because of a special birthday...

Note from Mary: I bloody knew she's have to get wolfboy in somewhere *tut*
Yep, young Beacob turned 18 and it became officially ok to perve over him (if you were able to get past the manky nails and the nose that is). Mary's covered Rob for us *ahem* and I think we all share her sentiments on Jacksper.


TigerlilyRose said...

Ahhh...now you girls have me all teary! Happy anniversary all! I love you more than words can say!

Becky said...

What a fab post!!

Just been back to check out the Chimpsten post. LMHAO!! Those pics are hilarious.

I have to say meeting the UK hobags has been the highlight of my year! (well, that and Eclipse). If only we could hop across the pond and meet everybody else!!

It was Nibbles who shoved me towards this blog, so I blame her for everything that has happened afterwards! But, I'm so glad I have met all you awesome ladies who I can chat about everything with, especially when my RL friends just don't get it!

Yes, I really should get my nose out of the (its probably more like 50+) fics now and pay more attention to things, lol.

Here's to another fab year!!

*pours out champagne for everyone and clinks glasses*


Kelly said...

Loved this post.. great stroll down Edbrella lane :)
Congrats on a year... here's to another fab year !

TwiWeasel said...

Crap, I didn't get here before you posted. Ah, well. I'll just do my thang here in the comments...


I met Stan (and thru her, Mary) shortly after she started this blog. We were all caught up over a certain picture of the precious that, to this day, remains my favorite. The day she asked me to babysit her blog was one that changed my life. No, I'm not just being dramatic here...it really changed my life. For my post, I did an intro to myself and for that, I had to look deep at my Twi-session and make a decision: Get some help or go with the flow. Well, I went with the flow, and maybe found a little help along the way. *wink*

I've met some fantabulous people (did I seriously just type the word "fantabulous?" Shit, I did it again!) along the way. My ho's (you know who you are) are the best friends I'll ever find. You girls GET me...which is kinda scary if you wanna get right down to it. But the thing is, I GET you too! So that makes it all the more awesomesauce!

Speaking of awesomesauce, in the last year (or so) I also discovered Fan Fiction...and about 9 months ago I was right there where Becky is now!! *tear* I kinda miss those days! Don't get me wrong, I still read FF, and plenty of it...I just try to keep it to a minimum. I do have a job and kids that need occasional tending to. And my husband gets a little cranky if I ignore him too much.

I haven't had a chance to look back, but I can remember some of the CFFs getting pretty... er...raunchy (beastiality, anyone?) but that was just pure fun!! And Stan, I love any and all Chimpsten photoshoots. Too bad there was never one with the Victoria and Riley I sent you. It's not too late, you know (hint, hint.) I realize that Chimpsten is visiting friends at the mo, but when she gets back...

Anywhore...I still love Twilight and all things related. I love Super Massive Whack a Mole. And I love you. Awwww...

Dangrdafne said...

Chimpsten was my first taste of Edbrella and it was very very sweet. I was hooked from those first pictures. Stan was my twin overseas and we had many a chat about our lovely hubbies :)

Then there was Nibbles and a friendship for the ages. Mini-E and some of the funniest emails ever.

Then there was the connections with TwiWeasle, Becky, and Mary whom I adore and couldn't imagine not having in my life.

Edbrella is a home away from home and I am forever grateful for finding you in the TwiUniverse.

I love each and every one of you and I wish you each the happiest of anniversaries!

wv: dogents - either "dog"ents or do gents - they both work LOL!!!

Z Any Mouse said...

Happy Birthday Edbrella! All of you have given me so many snorts and giggles over the past year, and even though my bloggy time has been drastically slashed recently (too much RL), I still peek in almost every day to what's up in Edbrella Land. Any post with Chimpsten and her chubby legs is sure to have me falling out of my chair, and one of my fondest memories is being called out by TwiWeasel for being a fanfic virgin. It is all her fault that I am a polygamist now, being married to my hubtard, Tattward, and Fifty all at the same time. Puffy hearts to you all. Rock on!

Trixie and Tess said...

Happy Anniversary!
You're anniversary is definitely something to celebrate.
*said in my best Robward voice*
Thanks for the Rob Porn and the entertaining posts you girls write!


Mary Edbrella said...

@TLR we love you too. Have a leg hump on me ;)

@Becky nice to see you here hun ;)

@Kelly Thanks hun :)

@The Wease Blame Stan! She yext me this morning to post it cos she's puterless today *shrugs*

@DD you know how much we love you too xxx

@Z Any Mouse so glad you've enjoyed your visits here ;)

@Trixie and Tess you're welcome

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I wish you many more blog posts!!!

Jayla said...

Happy Anniversary Ladies

I can't tell you how many times you've made me:
~spit out my coffee
~laugh out loud
~grin like a banshee
~clap like a trained seal
~wipe tears from my eyes
~shake my head with disbelief and
~ just stare at the screen in awe of your awesomeness

Thank you for making my days brighter, happier and hornier.

Love you ladies!

TwiWeasel said...

Aw, crap. I forgot to mention earlier, that one of the best things that happened this year is: I brought my RL bestie over to the dark side! Bwahahahaha. I love you big time, @TigerlilyRose!!

@Z Any Mouse...And I'd do it all over again, just for you. Now, please take away this creepy eye thingy that you put on me for not reading EP...I started it. Finally.

@Mary...you know me, chronically late to the party! It's ok, it works out!

@DD...hello HOT STUFF!! Mwah!

@Jayla...we make you horny? Um...ok. *BIG GRIN*

Living with Edward said...

Congrats on one year!! I can't believe how fast time goes. It will be a year for my blog next month! I can not comprehend that at all.

I found Edbrella through Stan cause she was one of my first followers. You guys always have some good pics and some good laughs. I love getting to know everyone through the Friday Fun Five even though I always forget about it over the weekend and have to catch up with it in the middle of the week. I'm not puctual AT ALL. Ask my boss.

Keep up the good work ladies and I can't wait to meet Chimpsten in FOOOOORRRKKKKSSS!and see all of her pretty new clothes. And I'm so glad she made it to Mrs. P and didn't get kidnapped in Customs again. That must have been scary.

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Happy Anniversary! May you have many more.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I'm so late to the party that I'm way past "fashionably late".
I remember Stan how you were my 10th follower...and I was your 40(something). It's been a wonderful ride with you hos. I love you all!!!!!!!!!
My favorite posts were the Advent Calendar at Christmas time. I don't know why...but the simple posts of Twilight Christmas ornaments everyday were part of my morning routine. I loved it!

*Jelly Baby* said...

You're not the only one late, Margaret.

Happy anniversary darlings. I cannot imagine my life without you.
It is you, Stan, who reached out to me on Twitarded last year - we chatted, I gave you the link to my story, you forwarded it to The Wease, and the rest is history.

Mwah my loves.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Er hello sorry I was absent from the festivities but I was at a theme park yesterday any hoo you ho bags know I love you. I first met Edbrella through Twitarded and eventually pushed Becky over here, my comments kept getting longer and longer till Stan was forced to just add me to the staff....my cunning plan worked and so yes I have been absent recently, lots of ups and downs and you lot have been there and supportive and wonderfully fantastic people and I'm beyond glad that I found you all.
Well (sniff, cry) thats my two pennath so there you go, I will start posting agian just work is screwing me over big style (again)

Z Any Mouse said...

I forgot to add that I have truly enjoyed my time in the Attic of the Damned with Nibbles and TLR!

@TwiWeasel - The eye is just giving you a suggestive wink now and is focused on me since I am several chapters behind on EP. Gah!

Jayla said...

@TwiWeasel~ uh, the things you post.. not that you all aren't hawt *walks away before foot gets closer to mouth*

17foreverlisa said...

Happy anniversary!!! I read this the other day, but blogger ate my comment. Then your thanks on the FFF post today reminded me that I hadn't gone back and typed a new one. My bad! So here I go getting all mushy on your asses.

You know that I have been hanging around this neighborhood for a long time. I used to joke that one day you'd ask me to move out, but luckily, I'm still here.

I should go back and see when it was that I commented for the first time. I'm sure it was back when I was still sprtzmom1721.

You hos have come to mean so much to me, as you know. Meeting TwiWeasel(and Lacey) was a shining example of how this has gone beyond blogging. I hope we get to meet across the pond one day. Who knew that followers could become friends. I feel blessed.