Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Thinking of you...

I apologize in advance for no pictures...I'm just too freaking lazy.

Annnnnnd on with the post:

I may not post a great deal, but I really want you girls to know that I think of you each and every day.

A lot.

So, I've compiled a list of things from my daily life that remind me of one or more of you...

When I find hair in the shower drain. Just...ew.

Folding clothes...and not ironing them.

Holes in my underwear.

Jello (with or without ice cream)

My SIL has declared that she doesn't like the word "sucks." Instead, they use the word "nibbles." As in, "it really nibbles when I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn." It's quite amusing to me, in a way they can't possibly understand.

When I see an awesome cake...or make one myself...I'm thinking of you.

The merest mention of Gluten. (And I still don't know wtf it is for sure!)

Black boots..mine or anyone elses.

The numbers 17 and 50.

Joan Jett, Brett Michaels, Beyonce, Ke$ha...there are several others, but I think I'll save that for a future post.


The sound of a cash register. Ka-Ching!!

The word "debil."

Drinking boxed wine...and the headache I get afterward.

That's not all, not by a long shot. But that's what I came up with in the last five minutes or so.

*sigh* I love you girls.

TwiWeasel out.


TwiWeasel said...

*sigh* I still can't figure out why there is always so much space between lines when I post...


17foreverlisa said...

I think I may have made that list a few times :) I wore my JettStew is the Cherry Bomb t-shirt to work today and thought of you!


Dangrdafne said...

Awwww that is just the sweetest post. Who needs pictures with beautiful sentiments like yours. Thank you.

TigerlilyRose said...

We don't need NO freaking pictures!

I love you. You are my best friend, what the fuck would I do without you? just...I love you!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! I'm sorry...I laughed through this whole thing. Maybe because I am 99% sure I am the underwear reference.
Love you too Wease.

StarlitViolets said...

AAAAAAWWWW!!! Is it bad that I can think of more than one of us that could be "boobs." LMAO!!!

You are such a sweetheart, Wease! Love you hard!

Stan said...

Aww, love you too! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday to answer your call for pics, Mr Stan was hogging the puter aaaaaaall day.


*Jelly Baby* said...

What a beautiful post Wease. Now, if you would just care to explain the hole in underwear, LMAO.

I love you too, babe, and think of you, and the rest of the hobags, daily.


Mary Edbrella said...

awwww that's lovely

I have a picture I need to take for Lisa, it makes me think of her every single time I drive past it :)

TwiWeasel said...

@Lisa...yep, just a few times. I love rock & roll, btw.

@DD...Awww...I meant every word.

@TLR...I know, I feel the same. I wish we could have more face to face time, too. Love you, babe.

@Mrs.'re ONLY 99% sure?

@SV...oh, and I forgot to mention, seriously red hair! Bwahahahaha!

@Stan...It's ok, I understand issuses with the hubby! It all worked out.

@Jelly Mrs. P. *wink*'s all in the every day things, right?

@all...I love you girls. I wouldn't make it thru the day with out you. Really.

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

PMSFL-I have never nibbled anyones ass crack, dawns or otherwise! I use debil a lot, as in the debil made me do it but often that gets changed to the gerbil made me do it, although I don't know why...I'm just odd like that. I think of you lot, specially the brit girls cos I know we're usually listening to radio 1 at the same time so the text "Choon" often goes out, Dani whenever I see sausages (venison or otherwise), Lisa I saw some boxed wine in the supermarket the other day and said to Roy look Lisa wine, really cheap!!! Yeah I got THE look, Jelly whenever I hear Pearl Jam which is alot as I love them and my eldest boy does too, we often sing Evenflow, Mrs P, whenever I go shoe shopping (too often) Lacey whenever I look at my orchid plant because its so gorgeous like her, SLV whenever I use the head massager, I've been playing with all week at work and finally bought it today, Nikki whenever I see muffins, Gemma whenever I say debil or gerbil (a lot), Becky whenever my sausage fingers go mad or I see/do something like running after my kids or I get a text from Max (her son)if I've left anyone out its only cos I really better do the FFF before kids get back from nans and nick the computer!