Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I've been published ;)

Yeah, no shit, it really happened :)

Okay, it was only a letter in a magazine but it still counts right??

Well I say it counts so there.

Over here in Blighty we have a magazine called Heat. it's full of celeb goss etc. Me and Stan LOVE it and usually text each other excitedly when they put someone worth perving over as their torso of the week.

Well a couple of weeks ago I had a text from to say have you got Heat? you're going to love page whatever it was.

Was it Rob??

maybe it was KLutz??

Maybe the delights of cam??!
Imagine my excitement thinking I was in for a treat! I'd just left the supermarket, thankfuly I didn't look until I got home or there could have been a very serious accident with me projectile vomiting and trying to drive!

The dirty, filthy, fuckers had only printed a photo of the worlds most vom inducing man in the world ...Cliff from Stan to follow, It hurts me to just type that name *shudder*

I had to complain at the wrongness so I e mailed them

Ta Dah here it is all published and stuff :)

The moral of this story is after all the years I've know Stanley I still can't trust the bitch!


TwiWeasel said...

Congrats on getting published, Mary! Now, I have to ask: Where the fuck is that HAWT pis of Kellan (and his abs) from? {{{pantpantpant}}} Click and lick! Mmmmmmm....yummy.

TwiWeasel said...

er...pic of Kellan, not pis. *eyeroll*

Dangrdafne said...

Who is Cliff Richard? And I would unsign up for the pictures from that place LOL!!

Mary Edbrella said...

@The Wease

I prob just googled topless Kellan, as you do ;)

@DD he's a singer who usually just brings out a new song at christmas. The oldies love him, big style! He makes my skin crawl *shudder*

Jayla said...

Dang- @Stan that was just wrong.

But @Mary thank you for the lovely pictures of Rob, Kellan and Cam.

*Jelly Baby* said...

Mmm, it's hard to look away from that pic of Kellan.