Thursday, 2 September 2010

Today I was pissed off until someone put it all in perspective....

There I was all set to visit Mary when my stupid car died on friend Mark who is a mechanic is currently twiddling with my engine (no puns please) so I am stuck here today and it looks as though I'm going to have to clean up....BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

I wanted it to be like this but with less women involved and possibly just me, Mary, and Gemma, I mean someone has to pet the puppy!

But instead it was like this....

Yeah I wasn't happy!

In fact....

I was really pissed off!!!!

Then whilst I was chatting on messenger with Becky and Stan, lamenting my terrible misfortune another friend of mine popped up on messenger.

It was Chris, my friend all through school, not a close buddy friend but a friend none the less, he hung with the popular kids, I was geeky and gawky, he was a sports star, almost became a professional footballer but due to injury didn't make it. Me and him have been through a lot. I was there for him when he and his ex wife split up. We used to chat on the phone, occasionally he would be on business in the area and we'd go for lunch, His crazy wife tried to do him in a couple of times and finally took him for pretty much everything just after he'd had a heart attack. Yeah bitch is the word. She has constantly used his kids against him, stopped him seeing them, smashed up his car, smashed up the antiques he'd collected and generally been an all out cow bag.

He was there for me when my partner cheated on me and left me, he came to my wedding even after being mugged the day before and savaged by a dog the muggers had got with them. I know unbelievable!

He is happily married now and recently he invited me to his and his wife's wedding vow renewal. Renewal I asked, why, you've only been married 6 years. Turns out Karon needs a heart transplant and will die without one and he has had several strokes and now they think he also has small vessel disease in the brain and he may not live past 50. he finally admitted all this to me today, he didn't tell me before because he didn't want to upset me!!!

So now my whole car broken down, can't see Mary, pissed off at money and the world has paled into much more insignificance. We should enjoy our lives to the best of our ability.

I told Chris I was sad and angry and he said don't be, I'm not. I have good friends, a loving wife and have lived an interesting and fantastic life, hopefully I will prove them wrong and live longer. I said well you always were awkward so go to it!

So to my friends in my real life and my friends I have made through books and blogs whether I have met you or not, live, love, enjoy and remember there but for the grace of God go I.

Love you all, thank you for being my friends X


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I really do love you all, I know I'm a sap!

TigerlilyRose said...

Nibs--Lots of hugs and thoughts for you and your friend! Life really does have a way of putting things back into perspective for us on occasion. You will see Mary and Stan soon, I know it! I love you too!

*Jelly Baby* said...

Aww, Sarah, I love you too, you know that.
Thank you for putting things in perspective for us. I am having a bitter-sweet day. There ain't nothing like your husband reprimanding you for the way you behave toward his mother, aka your boss, to ruin your, otherwise, chirpy mood.

Therefore, I am going to take this story you just and just be thankful that I'm here today. There ain't nothing in the world getting upset about, and maybe I do need to take a chill pill every once again.

Love you to bits, Sarah.

Mary said...

I've spoken to you on text today


Love you long time ;)

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Love you Sarah & our love to your friend & his beautiful wife. Sometimes life really isn't fair is it? XX