Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Fun Five with TC!!!

By RoseArcadia and borrowed from the MoTU Tribute Site

Goooooood morning Hobags!  Friday again, where do the weeks go?? 

I'd like to thank everyone for the lovely comments they made on our anniversary, it was lovely reading them all and I'm thrilled that we've all found each other :o).

Anyway, I won't hang around pontificating; I'm hoping to get a new chapter of Elusively Yours up in the next day or so, so I need to get writing to finish it off.  For anyone who missed my teaser on Twitter last night, I'll post it again here in the name of shameless pimpage ;o)

“Broken? What do you mean broken?”
 She looked guilty, as though she was internally kicking herself for saying too much.

“I’m sorry, Bella, I can’t,” she said, shaking her head. “If Edward hasn’t told you, I don’t think I can. It wouldn’t be fair.”

I shrugged as I stood and gathered our empty cups from the coffee table.

“Well, whatever. It was only a kiss, and like you say, it’s going to be irrelevant as soon as he finds out about me and Jake anyway.” Alice jumped up and skipped after me as I trailed back to the kitchen to dump the cups in the sink.

“Bella,” she said, pausing until I turned to face her and she knew she had my full attention. “I’m not going to tell him.” She looked a little excited, and I was starting to think that she had a hidden sadistic streak.

“You’re going to make me do it myself,” I stated flatly, sure that I’d caught the meaning behind her words.

“Of course not!” she exclaimed, before walking right up to me and placing her hands on my upper arms. She bent forward and stage whispered. “I have a much better plan…we don’t tell him!”

Ok, let's get on with this!  Last week RobzSinger chose the lovely doc, Twilight Cupcake of Twilight, Travel, and Treats as the winner.  She's kindly taken a few moments out of her MoTU obsession to come up with some questions for us!  Over to TC....

Congrats to Edbrella on the Anniversary! I am thrilled to be chosen by RobzSinger as last week's FFF champion.

Let's get to it. Forgive me if there are repeats...

1) What is the most erotic/sexiest outfit you have? Describe in details people.

This is Mr Stan's...

3) You have the chance to sing a duet with Rob or dance with Taylor - which would you choose and what song would it be?  Note from Stan ~ I think we need a closer look to help us decide...

4) If you were only allowed to have sex in one position what position would you choose?

5) Have you ever injured yourself during sex? Injured your partner? Give us the story.

This looks like it could be painful....but I'd be willing to give it a go ;o)
Another gem from the RobManiPorn gals.  I love those ho's ♥

Ok, you're not imagining things, there's no question 2 here!  TC did send me one but I have to check it with her because there's a word or two missing!  In the meantime feel free to answer this one instead:

If you could ask any one of the girls who hang out here a specific question about anything, who would it be and what would you ask?

I've been busy quizzing the world about MotU so please come check it out. Tomorrow's the last day for entries.

Also make sure to see the MotU Tribute site I've worked on with Hoot in honour of the MotU anniversary. Okay pimping done - TC out!

Thanks TC, bloody hell, that was a linktastic edition of the FFF!

Ok, get answering ladies!


*Jelly Baby* said...

Yep. That's TC alright. Sex, sex, MOTU, and more sex. Bloody hell.

Okay, here I go.

1. Jeez. Okay, the most erotic outfit is when I'm just in my white thong wearing a white see through undershirt - this turns MM on so much he can splode in an instant.
But this outfit ain't wearable outside. Therefore, all my dresses are very sexy, especially the one that bears a striking resemblance to the one Marilyn Monroe wears in the famous "7 Year Itch" scene. There's no person who doesn't turn when I wear that one, because, let's be honest here, I've got one bloody fantastic rack. Honest.

3. I'm very good at both - singing and dancing, but I'm gonna go with singing with Rob. Which song? How about "I'm in Heaven"? I think that's appropriate enough, and plus, it's a duet, and a song I absolutely adore (both to listen to and sing).

4. Missionary. That is the position I enjoy the most - not that I don't enjoy others, it's just that this one is extra special because I feel the most loved and wanted in the missionary position.

5. No. Sure, sometimes my nipple was bitten too hard, or my arse slapped with more strength than I like, or a knot tied too tight around my wrist... but those are just small things that were easily overcome. I've never been hurt. And the most I ever hurt my partner was when I leave nail trails on their back. :D

okay, the answer to replacement question:
Okay, I'd ask TC to describe, in GREAT DETAIL, the kinkiest sex she's ever had. Come on, TC, I know you.


I bloody loved these questions.

Oh, and Gemms, hurry up with that chapter, will ya? It's not fair to tease us like that.

17foreverlisa said...

It's Friday. It's the 17th. TC's back, and she brought RoseArcadia's gorgeous MotU blinkie with her. Ka-ching!!!

I'm breaking all the rules today by playing FFF and working on the final MotU Day #7 answers. TC, you're a bad influence ;)

1) What is the most erotic/sexiest outfit you have? Describe in details people.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

@Gemma - PMSL! So wrong.

3) You have the chance to sing a duet with Rob or dance with Taylor - which would you choose and what song would it be?

The only choice here is which song to sing with Rob. My immediate thought was to pick “I Was Broken” because I love it so much. Then I thought maybe I should pick “Bella’s Lullaby” because there are no words (LOL!), but then I wouldn’t get to hear Rob singing, either . . . not that watching him play the piano wouldn’t be a bonus. So I have to go with “Never Think.” It’s when I first fell in love with Rob, and the opening guitar instrumental would kill me . . . not that learning the real words to the song wouldn’t be a bonus ;)

4) If you were only allowed to have sex in one position, what position would you choose?

Answering these types of questions used to be so much easier when we didn't know each other so well. *blushes* From behind; fortunately you didn’t ask why.

5) Have you ever injured yourself during sex? Injured your partner? Give us the story.

Does a leg cramp count? That’s all I got. For realz. I read fanfiction, TC. I don’t live it ;)



*Jelly Baby* said...

LMAO, Lisa.
Thanks for reminding me. I too had a cramp in my thigh/buttocks a few times during sex, LoL.

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

I feel that I should be a tad bit embarrassed about answering some of these questions but eh I will get over it :)

1) I don't own any 'sexy' outfits.. unless a denim mini skirt, knee high black boots w/ 3 inch heel and a black spaghetti strap top that has a zipper up the back. That's as sexy as I get but I can't remember the last time I wore that

3) Duet with Rob I'd have to go with A little bit Country, a little bit Rock and Roll. I'll be Country he can be Rock and Roll lol or maybe Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

4) uh that would really suck but I'd choose missionary like Karen Walker says "Lay on your back, point your heels to Jesus and think of handbags!" Well that's only if he's not very good :)

5) It was with an ex. We fell off the bed and he hit his head on the corner of his desk. Might have been my fault oopsie! I have to give him credit though he's a trooper and didn't quit ;)

replacement question: If you could recreate any fic in the boudoir what fic would it be and what particular scene? Anyone can answer.

Dangrdafne said...

1) What is the most erotic/sexiest outfit you have? Describe in details people.

a black silk nightie what shows the girls very nicely but that is it.

3) You have the chance to sing a duet with Rob or dance with Taylor - which would you choose and what song would it be?

Neither ;) I'd rather read lines for a role with Peter Facinelli

4) If you were only allowed to have sex in one position, what position would you choose?

I only know three positions and they are all meh. Maybe it is the person LOL!!!

5) Have you ever injured yourself during sex? Injured your partner? Give us the story.

Not me and not anyone else...yet!

Bonus question: Why did you answer the way you did for #4, Lisa?? Gotcha!! *psst you don't really have to answer, I just wanted to play*

Twired Jen said...

1. Oddly enough I don't own any naughty lingerie/outfits. Sure I have some lacey thongs and bras, but nothing out of the ordinary. Something I feel sexiest in is a great pair of a jeans and a low cut top.

2. IS 2 supposed to be missing, or did I miss something?

3. Dance with Taylor? Are you nuts?! I'd sing a duet with Rob. We'd sing Van Morrison Crazy Love. I can't sing for shit, but hey, it's a once in a life time opportunity.

4. From behind ;) Feels gooooood.

5.Injured myself during sex? If I have sex for too long it always ends up stinging. Even with lube.

twilightcupcake said...

Okay ladies

I am so happy to finally be able to read all your answers after a frickin long day at work and family dinner.

@Jelly - okay your white outfit sounds very sexy and I am so jealous of your great rack!
answer to your question? I wish that I could give you something extra juicy but alas like Lisa my life is not fanfic. Does kneeling in front of a fireplace with my hands tied behind my back and being taken from behind in the ass count? Forgot to mention the vibrator in one spot and sucking his thumb in my mouth. Not the kinkiest but does feel good.
- and you're good at both singing/dancing - we need a demonstration

@Lisa - I am so curious about the whole #4 thing - won't push but wondering... :)
- I never thought about Bella's Lullaby and watching him play - that would be too awesome

@KassieCullen - Karen walker LOL I had totally forgotten about that. Your outfit sounds nice and naughty. OMG I can't help but try and picture Rob as Donny in the singing scenario - with the Osmond dancing and everything!
- bonus- I would want to recreate the scene in UoEM in Florence on the terrace and in their hotel room. God I loved Italy!

@Dangrdafne - very cool about the Peter thing. That would be nice :)
I am curious about what 3 positions you know - maybe we should have a discussion about this in Forks.

@Jen - I'd love to hear you do Crazy Love when we are in Forks. I love how honest you are about the position thing.

Okay my answers
1) Sexy outfit - for outside the house - a good white blouse with a pencil skirt and high heels or if I wear a traditional chinese cheongsam it always make men ogle you - those things are skin tight! So much for sexually repressed Chinese people.
For inside the bedroom I have a lot of corsets but that's about it.

3) I'd love to sing with Rob. I'd like him to sing Besame Mucho to me or I'd like to sing Do You Want to Know a Secret by the Beatles with him - such a sweet tune.

4) As above - hand tied behind my back, from behind, knees together.

5) I often put my hip out (double jointed) or my husb hurts his back. Nothing serious.

StarlitViolets said...

TC, I think it's very obvious where YOUR mind has been lately! LMAO!!!

Well - let's see how I can answer some of these diplomatically...

Then I'll come back and once again learn WAY too much about you chicks! LOL! That's what we do here though. :P

1. Sexy Duds.

Hopefully this doesn't sound cheesey, but nekked works for me! I feel sexiest when not covered up. Mr.SV calls lingerie "wrapping paper" because he says it's just gonna get ripped off anyway. ;)

3. Singing or Dancing.

Duet with Rob - HANDS DOWN!!! Come ON! I don't need a guy to romantically dance hip hop at me! But harmonizing - mmmm...

I'd rather be a back up singer to Rob though, so as not to taint his dulcet tones as much. :)

Which song? Hmmm... I'd love to hear how Rob changed "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. It's my favorite song EVER!

4. Stuck in a Rut.

Missionary, baby! Edge of the bed, my legs either wrapped around his waist, or him holding my ankles. I never get tired of that one.

5. Sex Injury.

LOL! Good question! Just a few months ago, Mr.SV was working on something in the garage and I went out to try and be flirty and sexy in an attempt to seduce him. Pffft! I slipped, resulting in a failed leg hitch that earned me a badly sprained ankle and a walking boot for over a month. NOT sexy! LOL!

Optional #2: I'm not sure who the biggest mystery is here. Hmm... I think I tend to just be pretty blunt and am not really holding anything back. Ooo!

@Stan - Is it true that you sleep with 27 cardboard cutouts of Jacob in your bed?

LMFAO!!! Don't be mad, Stan! You know I luuuuurrrvvve you!!! <3

*Jelly Baby* said...

Oh my, Jenny, I mean TC, that is pretty damn sexy, and definitely has a kinky undertone to it. I'm talking about your answer to my question.
Thanks for being so up front about it. Man, do I regret the fact that I won't be coming to Forks to meet you.

Mary Edbrella said...

Good morning all
1) What is the most erotic/sexiest outfit you have? Describe in details people.
I don't go in for dressing up much. A flash of a see through bra is all that's needed in this house ;)

3) You have the chance to sing a duet with Rob or dance with Taylor - which would you choose and what song would it be?
I'd sing with Rob. We'd sing something cheesy to make him laugh like...Islands in the stream!

4) If you were only allowed to have sex in one position what position would you choose?
Spoons, it leaves the hands free.

5) Have you ever injured yourself during sex? Injured your partner? Give us the story.
He had a really bad cramp once and he was pacing around trying to stretch it out. It was taking aaages and me being the sympathetic wife could wait no longer so I finished the job myself :)

Dangrdafne said...

@TC - woman on top, woman on bottom, from behind - that is all I know.

17foreverlisa said...

How did I miss that we were supposed to come up with a bonus question? Kudos to everyone who did (except for DD - LOL!) and to TC for answering them.

TC and DD - Trust me. If I get drunk enough in Forks (which is highly likely), we can discuss #4.

DD - I'll bet Lacey and Jelena won't think that the only three positions you know are "meh." Just sayin'. *wink*

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Ok so I'm super late doing the FFF and that never happens unless I'm on holiday or in hospital...sigh I seem to have lost my umpf again. I dunno generally there's nothing wrong with me I just cannot be arsed to do owt!
Anyhoo on with the FFF

1) Sexy outfit-Um I don't have one, my hubs doesn't care what i have on or don't, he just lusts after me whatever, it's kinda weird specially when I'm in my sloppy clothes and feel crap and he's there going phwoar or whatever. Soooooooooooo I'd prolly say my birthday suit, its pink & white, with a couple of milk chocolate buttons pmsl and a light brown mirkin, roflmhaoooooooo TMI?

2)the one that's missing-This is a question for all the ho bags. I'm planning on coming to Florida in 2012, I shall most likely be stopping round Clearwater or St Pete's and stopping over night near or in Universal resort so I can do Uni over 2 days. Are there any ho's who live in the area and would they like to meet up?

3)Dance with Tay Tay or sing with Rob-I'd sing with Rob of course OMG why would I go hoofing it with the Beacob. I'd sing the theme tune to True Blood (rofl) I wanna do bad things to you, just so I can see and hear him saying those very words, he would look deep into my eyes over the mic and say "I wanna do real bad things to you" and I would be a big squelchy puddle on the floor lmhao

4)Sex in one position only-Missionary...with my legs up....for those saying whaaaaa? I have my reasons, I get to see my partner, I get to kiss them, bite, lick, suck flesh and I can get my legs up waaaaaaaaaaaaay hi so no probs getting deep...ok next lol

5)Sexual healing-ever injured yourself or your partner-PMSFL tooo funny, um well apart from the partner being a little too eager to get in there and randomly stabbing at me (which can hurt)I've bitten a chap or 2 a little too hard on the shoulders and drawn blood, funnily enough the one's I did that with liked it so that was ok, I fell out of bed once, small bed! Um oh yeah bf at the time asked me to stop over and I was sleeping in the spare room which was a bunk bed, I was on the bottom, he snealed in we got jiggy with it and he whacked his head on the top bunk nearly knocking himself out....I got the giggles and his mum burst in on us. Him with blood trickling down his forehead and me shrieking trying to pull sheets up to cover my boobs,which rubbed up his balls quite sharply hurting him and then his semi hard dick flobbed out in front of mummy...she never liked me anyway...

Well that concliudes that I will try think of a post to do in the meantime, till then adieu!

Dangrdafne said...

@ Nibbles - I do not live in the area BUT I will definitely get there to meet with you!!! It is a simple flight for me to get there!

twilightcupcake said...

@Nibbles how did I know you could be relied upon to provide such good answers when there are sex injuries involved!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Er cos its more than likely gonna happen to me! PMSL, I remembered I poked my ex in the eye with my nipple once too when we were on holiday, it was pitch black I wass on top and well you can guess the rest!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I was just said to Z anymouse on FB I bet DD will come, yay, well I will let you know when I am gonna be there, cos we really wanna come over 2012, we all love it over there, wish we could live there!

*Jelly Baby* said...

So glad I'm not the only one who enjoys missionary position the most. It has its benefits, and despite the fact that I can have mind blowing orgasms from behind, it still cannot compare to the one in missionary, right Sarah? :D

Um, Lisa, I'm not quite sure I understand what you're saying, but it's true, I wouldn't say "meh" to those three positions. Everything else is just a variation of those.

RobzSinger said...

1) sexy outfit? i have a lacey green push up bra from VS with matching thong. it's hot. but the hubs prefers me on my back in my birthday suit. or HE likes to wear my boobs as glasses. now that was def tmi! ha ha.

2)Clearwater! love it. went on spring break there in college. ah college.
Fan fic renactment? Hmm. I'd like my husband to take me in a very clean and orderly bathroom like in Stranger Than Fiction. That was one hot lemon...and unicorn.
I'm not going to submit another ?. I gave 7 last week so I'm off the hook;)

3)I would actually like to break dance with Taylor. I think it would be a blast. I plan on groping him and licking his neck before we do the robot. We'd jam out to 4 minutes by Madonna and JT. Tay Tay has mad skillz, as do I;) Hopfully he'll just wear those perfect fitting jogging pants and no shirt, like in that VF photo. My jogging pants will have "he's 18" spray painted on the ass. Okay, can you tell I've day dreamed about this!? lol.

4) This is a depressing thought. Only one position for the rest of your life:( Bella gets Edward for eternity but at least they can switch it up. I would choose me on top. Hubs sitting, leaning back on elbows at a 45 degree angle.

5) No serious injuries. Just some bruises and soreness. Do hickeys count? lol.

When's my hubs getting home? Now I'm all hot and bothered.