Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thursday Greetings :o)

Now are you sure you want to work from home today, darling?

Back to normal here today hobags, Dave's just gone out to the office. Yesterday was nice, although everything was tinged for one reason or another. I had my hair cut and coloured so am back to being dark again, the last colour had faded so much I was almost blonde. This was good until the hairdresser nicked one of the tiny skin tags on my neck with her clippers. You'd have sworn the damn thing was connected to an artery the amount of bleeding it did.

It was pretty much like this, only more dramatic and at the back of my neck.

She sent me out with a piece of tissue stuck to my neck like an eejit. I hadn't realised how much it was bleeding until I was driving home. She obviously did because she rang home shortly after to make sure I was ok! Good job I wasn't going home to a vampire is all I can say.

My favourite pic featuring bloodied tissue.  I still would.

After that Dave took me out for lunch. It was a bit surreal.  We were able to do this because our youngest has just started going to nursery for full days.  Of course, we've done evenings out just the two of us, just nothing during the day in the past six and a half years or so. 

Apparently most people in our age group are in the same situation.  This combined with the fact that I'd had my hair done so had no grey showing, meant that I was feeling very young when I scanned the restaurant at our fellow diners.

"I can't believe that old girl's teeth just fell out in her dinner..."

We left feeling far too full and decided that next time we'll just do coffee and cake instead.  I have no idea why this piece of writing is this colour now, but I know for a fact that if I try and change it that it will get pissy with me and turn invisible, so I'll just go with it, k?  Anyway, about that coffee and cake...

Yep, that looks kind of perfect.  Not sure about the coffee, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Stan would be willing to cut the cake.

I also discovered that having your husband working from home when all of the children are out for the day has other advantages.  Obviously, this would normally be a very good thing, but the fact that I was gripped by a fanfic and had ear-marked my post-lunch hour with some reading before the kids come home left me with mixed feelings on this lol.

Well, maybe not quite anyday ;o)

If you want a look at the fic I was engrossed in, it's Fuggiasco by kdc2239.  Becky recc'd it to me, and as usual she was right - it's fab :o)

I miss our regular Thursday fun and games with Community FanFic, so how about a little Community Fuck, Marry, Abandon in a desolate place (I'm in a good mood today, I really don't want to see anybody getting hurt).  Ok, I'll start, next person answers and then sets their own for the next person.  It doesn't have to be Twilight related, but I'll start it that way:
Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade ;o)
Happy Thursday!


Becky said...

I want that T-shirt!! ( only with a plunging neckline otherwise my boobs would look saggy and I cant have that!!)

You lucky thing with your 'afternoon delights'! Dan is working from home today and the most interraction i will have, will be him asking for his fiftieth coffee!

mmm. right, onto your fuck, marry abandon...

Fuck - Chris Weitz wthout a doubt the sexiest of the 3.

Marry - Catherine Hardwicke she would have so much inside info and twilight goodies

Abandon - David Slade, he is weird and creeps me the fuck out. It would be like living in your own horror movie!

right, do what you will with these....

Billy Burke
Justin Chon
Gil Birmingham

*Jelly Baby* said...

Had to google Gil, LoL.

Oh my, Becky, this is a very difficult choice you presented me with, because, as you know, I do think that Gil aka Billy Black is sexy.

Okay, so I'm gonna go with this:

Fuck - Gil Birmingham (I've never been with a man who's that much older than I am, and I have a thing for Native Americans, so I'd be crazy not to have a go at him)

Marry - Billy Burke, of course

Abandon - Justin. Even though I find him awfully cute (and I have a thing for Asian men as well, LoL), he does absolutely nothing for me.

Okay, what would you do with this bunch:

Luke Perry
Ashley Greene
Anderson Cooper

Mary Edbrella said...

That first pic got my attention.
Then I drifted off for a while inside my own sordid mind.
Anwhore, back now :)
Datyime sex is fab, I like to indulge when Mr Mary is home ;)
I'm also pretty sure your neck didn't bleed worse than that photo *tut*
who is Anderson Cooper? off to Google
Ashley Greene....ok i'm gonna have my first lesbian experience with her so Fuck

Luke Perry...I'll marry him

Anderson Cooper ewwwww abandon!

Bradley Cooper
Zac Efron
Wesley Snipes

Becky said...

Bad, bad Mary!!

Can we not just fuck all 3?

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

who is going next?

Jayla said...

ugh- I can't even begin to touch that one.. bbl
(Bad Mary!!)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

ok id fuck zak, marry bradley and pretend to avoid wes but secretly meet him lololololololololol that was hard pmsl ok............................................................. hugh jackson, hugh grant and er hughhhhhhh um er er edi gethegi or bowever you spell it

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

sausGe fingers and new phone do not mix

Mary Edbrella said...

@becky I like your thinking ;)

@Jayla Nibbles saved you ;) Answer anywhore, i'm curious now lol

@Nibbles you can't resist a bit of Wes really


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Mary, you're rigbt i cant resist a bit of wes mmmm blade nom nom i like edi too lol . . . word verif dingstal pmsl

TheonlyMrs(Kassie) Cullen said...

Okay I will go

Hugh Jackman(is that who you meant???) Marry- he's a great family man

Edi Gethegi- Fuck- he's hot with out the craptastic Laurant accent and dreds

Hugh Grant- abandon- that whole hooker thing still irks me out

so ummmm my three
They are all American NFL players
Tom Brady
Brian Urlacher
Drew Brees

Dangrdafne said...

Tom Brady = ABANDON!!! I just don't like him.

Brian Urlacher = I like him but I don't think I want to F* him

Drew Brees = marry - he is just too sweet

Vampire Diaries people: Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerholder and Paul Wesley

*Jelly Baby* said...

Mary, you ewwwed Anderson Cooper??? OMFG! Indeed, bad Mary, pmsl.


Fuck - Nina, yummy

Marry - Ian, that is boy is just super delicious

Abandon - Paul, he just looks icky.

Hm, can you tell I haven't had breakfast yet? All my adjectives are edible, lol

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Oh, can I play please, please?? @Jelly Baby, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Paul guy is creepy ugly-yuk! He's the reason I don't watch.
OK TB time:
Alexander Skarsgard
Stephen Moyer
Ryan Kwanten
PS Keep your beady eyes of Hugh, he's ours, none of you can have him! Happy to share Ryan Kwanten, Xavier Samuel & Sam Worthington, to be fair lol!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Oh man I'm answeing that one Sooks, as well you knew I would pmsl
Fuck-Ryan hell yes to that
Marry-Alex because I'd want more than just pure unadulterated filthy sex with that long streak of pure unadulterated hotness definately
Avoid-Bill I forgot his real name in all the Ryan, Alex action I was thinking of then um checks back Stephen Moyer, that's the one and I'm not saying I wouldn't if he asked lol but Alex and Ryan win hands or trousers down for sure.
I'm sorry Sooks I have my greedy hands, eyes, tongue on Mr Huge Ackman oh I said Jackson must be a freudian slip thinking of Mr Rathbone LOL

*Jelly Baby* said...

Oh shit, I totally forgot to list the three people, hahaha. Sorry about that Sooks.