Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday Fun Five with Stan...finally

Um ok, so let me apologise, we're unorganised ok and that's why you love us. Things don't always go to plan but that's the beauty of us right? Right! That's my excuse anyway. Sooooo The Wease did pick someone else to win but they haven't been in touch (you need to check back people!) so our very own Stanley is participating in play today via me as she is at the Zoo and forgot so she's texting me her questions and I'm kinda slotting htis all in from work, between letters and patients...naughty? yes, nice? Absofrickinlutely!

So well over to Stan kinda....

Hi Stan! What's that you wanna play a game? Well ok...

1) What sort fanfic Edward would you most like to read about? (You have to make your own Edward up, not steal one from a fanfic you're reading!!)

Mmmm wide awake Edward was fabbo!

2) Your favourite Twi-guy is burnt out and asks for a fun day out to take his mind off things. Who do you pick, where do you go and what do you do?

I say let's all dress up as monkey's guys....guys?

3) If money were no object what would you get your other half as a present?

Like this but bigger perhaps....

4) What's your best girly friend memory?

Everything I learned, I learned from my drunk ass friends...s'true!

5) Your local zoo is having to re home it's animals. They will build the housing needed for you. What animal do you choose and why?

Awww c'mon, he's an animal....right? Let me keep him, I will love him and pet him and call him George...I mean Eric....
Thank you Stan for those text-tastic questions...what a team we are... can't wait for the ho bag answers! Laters (kerching)


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

BBL-gotta do some RL work now lol

Mary said...

Hi Ho's
1) What sort fanfic Edward would you most like to read about? (You have to make your own Edward up, not steal one from a fanfic you're reading!!)
I'd like a cross between Tattward...esp THE piercing, and Fifty for the attitude and the fact that thinking about him makes me pant :)

2) Your favourite Twi-guy is burnt out and asks for a fun day out to take his mind off things. Who do you pick, where do you go and what do you do?
I'm taking Rob to the pub! He's a Brit so i'd find a lovely sunny beer garden. I'd stop him getting falling over pissed though :)

3) If money were no object what would you get your other half as a present?
Isle Esme!

4) What's your best girly friend memory?
I can't think of anything specific but I am giggling thinking about our trip to see New Moon and the fact that I was so ill with swine flu the next day! Obv not a best memory but it's the one in my head today lol

5) Your local zoo is having to re home it's animals. They will build the housing needed for you. What animal do you choose and why?
Oh i'd have to have the tortoise. So sad still that my Norman died :(

Good Q's Stan. Me and Mr Mary had a good old chuckle at you last night btw after you'd text me. He said he knew you were mad but not that mad ;) Bless you my speshul friend x

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

I came back...although I shouldn't be on here really...

1)What fanfic Edward would I like to read about-Pornstar Edward, where he's a porno star and he meets Bella (um on the set of a porn movie, both are jaded and bored until they get together to film and WHAMMO...sparks fly as does the underwear...YAY!!!

2)Twi-Guy burnt out date-Um Rob obviously, we go bar hopping in Birmingham city centre, then check out Oasis market for their wonderfully freaky clothes, take him to my friends tattoo shop and get a tat, if he wanted or piercing-whooooo, then eat out at Mad O'Rourkes pie factory feasting on desperate dan pies, then check out a band and tumble into bed...perfect!

3)Money no object present-I know that Roy would want a villa in florida, he loves it there and would dearly love to move there and I fell in love with the place last year so I would buy a big fuck off villa with pool et al

4)Girly friend memory- I didn't really have girlfriends growing up as such until I met Jane & Nessa, best memory was getting kicked off a bus late at night for shouting, laughing and generally being total dicks, then staggering home to crash...also borrowing Jane's clothes and boots as she did mine, after that I'd say going to the flicks with the Edbrella gals...lurve you girls x

5)Local zoo-rehome, what animal, why?-ok I'd want a white tiger or lion cub because they are unbelievably cute as cubs and grow up to be incredibly beautiful creatures and they are rare and endangered and I'd wanna do my bit to help, after that mmmmmm orangutan, aw c'mon they are soooo cute!

Good questions Stan...right I gotta do a load of blood tests results now so buh bye for now xx

*Jelly Baby* said...

1. Oh god, this one is really hard as a lot of Edwards are covered already.
I haven't actually read that many fics, so perhaps bad boy biker Edward, IDK, pmsl.

2. Okay, but since you didn't say where we are, I'm going to assume a location, and say we're somewhere near water, and we go sailing. Hey, my fantasy, my rules.

3. Oooh, I luuurve this question. I think the first thing I would get him would be a motorbike. But, seeing as how he's a bit of a daydreamer, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be long before he crashed it, and I'd end up feeling all guilty.
So, perhaps I should go with the safe thing and I buy him a studio, all to himself, fully equipped with tools so that he could paint.

4. Having a sleepover with my two BFFs that lasted for a few days. Just being around them is fun enough.

5. Um... I am opposed to keeping animals in captivity, but I guess they cannot be returned to the wild, so I would go with the eagle. I love eagles. They are magnificent creatures, and I would love watching them every day.

Interesting questions, Stan, especially considering you figured them out whilst in the zoo, lol.

TwiWeasel said...

Hello girls!

Stan & Nibbles...thanks for saving my ass! I woke up this morning and thought FML, I forgot to let you know that I hadn't heard from Colleen for the FFF. *sigh* Thanks again!


1. Fan Fic Edward...Hmmm...I like several different kinds of Edward, but I think my favorite is when he is awkward and shy and unsure of himself. He has glasses, is incredibly smart, you know. Kind of a Nerdward, if you get what I'm saying. I also like the bad boy punk...I guess it just depends on my mood. BTW...I think I'm gonna read WA again. It was my first Fic, and I'm curious to see if it is really as good as I remember.

2. Rob, duh. The poor guy could use some simple R&R...quiet, away from people. We'd go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted. I bet he hasn't had a day like that in forever.

3. Money...I'd totes get my hubby a hunting trip or several. He's wanted to go to Alaska for so long, but, really...Where am I gonna put it if he gets something? *grin*

4. Best girly friend moment...IDK if it's the best, but it sure sticks out in my memory. TLR and I in High school out on the backroads. It was raining. We got stuck. Ahhhh...good times. A much more recent fave is the Joan Jett Concert with Lisa and TLR. That was awesome!!! @TigerlilyRose, you are one of my all time fave people, you know that, right? Love you! Mwah!

5. Animals...Love the Eric pic, BTW. I'm a big fan of his. {{{pantpantpant}}} Anywhore...I like the big cats: Tigers, Lions, Panthers, Jaguars etc. IDK what it is about them, because I really don't like housecats. *shrug*

Good Q's Stan! Sorry for the last minute FU!! We manage though, right?

Jayla said...

Fabulous questions Stan :-) I esp like the one about girl friends!

Happy Friday H00rs!

1) What sort fanfic Edward would you most like to read about? (You have to make your own Edward up, not steal one from a fanfic you're reading!!)

I'm anything but original- so I have to say Chefward. I know there are a couple out there, but my Chefward would be based upon one of my Chef Professors (I’m dazzled by talent)… except WAY better looking and there may be a certain sous chef cough-jasper-cough vying for the Exec chef’s attention.

2) Who do you pick, where do you go and what do you do?

My inner Cullenh00r says pick them all for an orgy… alas you won’t let me. So I’ll take Kellan (sorry Jelena) on a segway & inline skating tour of the historic sites where I live (lots of forts & old battle sites) and end the day with a gourmet picnic (prepared by me, of course).

3) If money were no object what would you get your other half as a present?
He would really appreciate an Aston Martin Volante and a Patek Philippe watch. He loves cars and watches

4) What's your best girly friend memory?
It was actually my first trip to the UK and France with my mom a few years ago. It was great spending time away from it all and getting to experience a new place with my mom. She’d been a few times before, but even she had a fabulous time celebrating her 65th birthday abroad with her friends.

5) What animal do you choose and why?

A three toed sloth. The animal has the coolest hair cut in the animal kingdom. It looks like it’s laid back and just mellow.

Jayla said...

Nibbles: OMG- please write a Pornward!!! Eck- Florida waaay too humid.

Jelena: Eagle- nice!

kassiecullen said...

1) What type of Edward would I like to read about? Ugh and I can't steal him? Okay I would pick copward or mob enforcerward. The first one I wouldn't so much be stealing but re-purposing an already existent Edward that I know and love and the second would be a spin off of General Hospital... any of you gals know who Jason Morgan is???

2) Take one Twi-guy on a date and where? I would pick Kellan and I would take him to Six Flags... I would pretend to be all scared of the big bad roller coasters and hold his hand (awww) and cling to him. Then after all the adrenalin pumping excitement I would take him home and have my way with him.. my fantasy my rules ;)

3) Buy a s/o a little smthin smthin? Since I don't have an 'other half' can I buy something for someone else? I'd probably buy my mom a brand new car b/c her's is a p.o.s. and then I'd buy her a new house. Times are rough and she might be out of a job soon so it's the least I could do since she did raise me and pay for my education.

4) Girly moment? Is it considered girly still if you and your bff turn to a life of crime??? j/k my bff and I did a lot of crazy ass shit together and some of it included illegal activity and if I didn't feel that I was too pretty for prison I would tell you all about it :)

5) Take an animal home? I would choose the Okapi. It's my favorite animal and whenever I go to the zoo that is the only one I'm super excited to see. It's name means land giraffe. It looks like half horse half zebra. The Okapi's front end looks like a horse and back end is striped b&w like a zebra. It rocks!!!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

LOL Jyla, maybe I will, the more I think about it the more story lines keep popping (ahem) up!

RobzSinger said...

This is so much fun! Please ask me to do it one Friday. Is that inappropriate to just come out and request that!? oops.

Stan's answers = perfect. love WA rehabward. did he actually say that quote in the story? about the dick in her mouth? oh girl, i need to reread that NOW.

1)Double 007ward. Lots of girls, some action, and Rob, er, I mean Edward as a bad ass. Definitely must include a British accent. And throw in some hot tatts as well for CWIA's sake.

2) Rob. my house. give each other massages. then we'd shag all day while it rained outside, he'd play the guitar for me. Then we'd go out to a club where we'd obnoxiously grope each other all night, get drunk, and have our way with each other in the car.

3) Well, I'd tell him to quit his job and write a novel. Then I'd buy him any car he wanted. And then I'd buy the Tigers baseball team and any other sports team he wanted to own.

4) My best girly friend memory just involves me and my bf laughing, laughing, and laughing some more. Ah, I miss her, she lives too far away now.

5) I would choose the hippo. I just think they are awesome.

But if I'm going the Stan route, I would bring home a werewolf named Jacob Black. He is an animal. Growl!

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

hi everyone im on my new phone and i can log into the blog im so fuckin happy lol. Was i bothered about all the other shit i can do on it. No i just wanted to get on here. YAY!!!!!

StarlitViolets said...

GREAT questions, Stan!!! My name is... what? My name is... what?

Answering first, as per usual. :P

1. My FF Edward.

First off - I MAY need to read Wide Awake. Just sayin.

My Edward would be a bit cocky, devastatingly handsome (duh), disinterested in most girls thereby making his interest in Bella (or me) more alluring. He'd drive a motorcycle and not be too afraid to hurt her/me. He'd dress casual but cool. He would also be smart, creative, and FUNNY! He would do naughty things to me/her and tease me relentlessly, making it all the more satisfying when he followed through.

2. Twi-guy Fun Day.

I'll let you know after I get off of my knees and my mouth isn't full.

3. Happy Hubby.

I'd get him a GIANT shop for working on cars. Of course that would be attached to a modest house with lots of land, so he could design and landscape the whole thing. He's into that kind of thing.

4. Girly Memory

I actually have had a lot of guy friends in my life, but some of my BEST memories of friends are of my more recent ones. Hmm - okay - so my memory is pretty bad and tainted with too much partying in the past, but I'm trying here. :P

Recently, a girlfriend of mine came home from Arizona and we had some amazingly fun times. From that trip, I think my favorite day was when we just hung out at my house after going to the liquor store for some Captain Morgan's Private Stock. Mmm - I used a wine glass (a small one) and we floated in my pool on the BEST floaties in the world. We got "rum-burned" as my hubs put it, cuz we were pretty numb all day and didn't notice the sun. ;)

5. My Wild Animal

Stan - were you inspired by the fact that you were AT a zoo when you wrote these? LOL!

I'd take home a gazillion butterflies! They could be in a giant enclosure that I could visit anytime and they'd land on me. I'd sit all day amongst them and write in my journal or read. Cuz I'm super nerdy that way.

StarlitViolets said...
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StarlitViolets said...

@Nibs - LOL! We BOTH but "Bella/me" for our fic! LOVE it!!! We also both started the girly friend question by saying we'd had guy friends. ;) Spooky!

@Jelly Baby - My hubs is super artistic too! He can draw, sculpt, paint, and generally create. Not me! I can barely draw stick people pictures! LOL!

Banshee713 said...

1. Huh, this is a toughie. No stealing you say? Well you never said he had to be human so I'm going with Vampward. He reeeeeaaallly gets my motor running ;)

2. I'd let Rob hide out at my place cos it's so secluded the damn postman has trouble finding it, so he'd be safe from the paps and rabid Tweens for a while. We could watch movies, play guitar, get drunk and then shag in the back field. Awesome.

3. I don't have a s/o, so I'd buy a Rickenbacker bass for my sister, hire a housekeeper for my mom and do some serious travelling with my bff. Five star travelling.

4. My bff and I went to Disneyland to celebrate our twentyfirsts about four years ago and we had an amazing time. She loved the rollercoasters, but every time we went on one, she'd start freaking and asking me how likely it was to come off the tracks. And then afterwards she'd be all 'Let's go again!' and as soon as we got back on she'd start with the 'Oh god's. Every time. She's lucky I love the hell outta her.

Also I was forced to spend three weeks in a Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking region) in college. It was worth it for all the awesome girly bonding time I had with my college buddies. Even if three of the four had wojus taste in music.

5. A red panda! They're soooo fucking cute. Or a teeny tiny marmoset. Ooh or a gila monster. Those are cool. I'm kind of an animal lover, so I have trouble making up my mind :)

Cool questions Stan! Hope we don't hear any stories about some crazy lady stealing animals from a zoo in England on Friday...

Dangrdafne said...

1) What sort fanfic Edward would you most like to read about?

Horseward - an Edward who was a horseback rider - either show jumping, dressage or even a cowboy.

2) Your favourite Twi-guy is burnt out and asks for a fun day out to take his mind off things. Who do you pick, where do you go and what do you do?

Peter Facinelli - take him, Jenny and the kids to DisneyWorld and just watch the kids have a great time while I get to talk to Peter and Jenny and become their friend.

3) If money were no object what would you get your other half as a present?

a bigger, newer home.

4) What's your best girly friend memory?

Getting lost with my 2 best friends (at the time) going to a Halloween party a few hours away. We laughed sooo much that night. Or waiting with DangrDonna, her sister and a friend to get Sting tickets overnight in a car and waking up to someone moving a huge line of shopping carts in the parking lot - it was soooo loud and scary to wake up to. Lots of laughing that time too.

5) Your local zoo is having to re home it's animals. They will build the housing needed for you. What animal do you choose and why?

Penguins!! I LOVE THEM!!! (and it is a bonus that they are in the Twilight Saga LOL)

RobzSinger said...

hey girls! thanks for letting me do FFF! there were some great answers here. anyhoo,can someone send me their e-mail address? i don't have outlook...