Saturday, 19 September 2009


Well, much excitement for me today! I went over to meet a friend I don't see nearly often enough and she presented me with two bookshop posters that she'd acquired for me. They are fab....and huge. I walked round my house (Mr Stan is away so had no snide comments to put up with while I did this) trying to find a spot big enough to accommodate the big one.

Now while I'm possibly too open about my love of Twi my parents are coming to stay tomorrow and I do feel that if I put my new posters up before they come, along with the two I bought the other week and am yet to site, that they might possibly get a bit too concerned, so they'll have to wait a day or two. I excitedly told my mum about Edbrella on the phone today, I have to say, a disappointing reaction, I got far more enthusiasm from my poster bearing friend when I put him up and gave him a twirl for her in a car park this morning.

So the second cause of excitement? Well, it actually rained at last! Unfortunately I was driving home at the time and as usual I had trouble controlling my thoughts. Thankfully I do tend to have such strange ones that I'm very well practised in resisting carrying them out now, so I did manage not to do either of the following things that crossed my mind:

1. Pull into one of the many laybys that I passed, retrieve Edbrella, put him up and take a photo of myself with him in the rain.

2. Walk up and down the several mile long tail back of traffic on the opposite side twirling Edbrella for all to see - imagine how exciting that spectacle would be for any unsuspecting stranded Edward fan?! (See, I'm a potential public service figure really).

So, imagine my disappointment when I got home and it wasn't actually raining here. Of course it started as soon as it was dark and I'd got Harry (or mini-Rob as I like to call him now following yesterday's impromptu photo shoot) to bed. Now I'll admit that I'm sad, but really, even I wouldn't go walking round my own garden in the dark with Edbrella.

Of course there's a very good reason for that it's come to it I'm not sure that I want to get him wet.

At the moment I'm reading New Moon. I came across a bit today that I'd like to share along with a slight modification of my own:

'Outside, the rain came down like water slopped from a bucket. I had to drive more slowly than I wanted to; I could hardly see a car length in front of the truck. But I finally made it through the muddy lanes to Jacob's house. Before I'd killed the engine, the front door opened and Jacob came running out with a huge black umbrella. I looked twice, unsure that what I was seeing wasn't a hallucination, as the hole in my chest ripped wider and my breath caught in my throat. Finally I managed to speak.
"Holy fuck Jake, is that an.....Edbrella?" '

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