Friday, 25 September 2009

Twilight..I need Twilight....

Oof, it's been a bit of a Twi desert here of late, not good for the soul, let me tell you. Sometimes I suppose it's bound to happen where you get weeks where life just interrupts your Twilight and this has been one of those weeks for me.

My parents came to stay on Sunday for a few days. Now my mum usually disapproves of most things I do (or don't do in the case of cleaning & tidying) and so of course Twilight/Rob is one of those things. It doesn't matter that it makes me happy or that I'm not hurting anyone, because it's something she would never do then she disapproves. I mean, anyone would think that it's not normal for a married woman in her thirties to have an obsession and a crush for God's sake. TBH, I think that's she's out of line criticising my Rob posters, I have vivid memories of her Lionel Richie one that she had back in the 80s, at least Rob's not got a huge 'tache and a jacket with shoulder pads in my pics. Ok, I accept that hers was on the inside of her wardrobe door and mine's on my kitchen door...oh, and behind the kitchen door....and on the downstairs loo door...and I have four more that I've not put up yet, but still.

Anyway, because she doesn't understand my *ahem* interest in all things Twi I did try to tone down my mentioning it, stroking my Twi possessions lovingly and spending all of my time online. Of course I did keep popping on keep up with everything, but it was more in line with the alcoholic snatching the vodka bottle from behind the cushion, taking a swig and putting it back before anyone noticed rather than sitting and working their way through four bottles of wine at their leisure, which would be the alcoholic equivalent of my internet practises I feel.

Usually they'll stay for two nights at the most - oh no, not this time! It's like they could feel my pain and wanted to test out my endurance that bit more - it was a three nighter this time! Honest to God, I thought I would explode with no Twi outlet. Since then it's been activities with the kids conspiring against me.

Am feeling better now I've had a quick catch-up here, off to squeeze a few more minutes of Clipped Wings and Inked Armour in before the school run - am loving Tattward!

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