Friday, 4 March 2011

Might as well finish the week with a Friday Fun Five!

You know, while we've got the place opened and airing, we might as well take advantage, don'tcha think?

"Excellent idea, Stanley!"

So here are five of my lovely questions to keep you busy for a while.  Remember, answers in the comments section and I'll choose a winner when we're all done - if I remember, my brain is pretty shoddy.

Okies, here we go:

1. If you were to run away and join the circus a la Water For Elephants, what would your contribution to the production be?

"What is that ho doing over there?"

2. You're strolling through Manhattan (as we all do from time to time) when the door of a limo stuck in traffic flies open and somebody drags you inside.  Who is it and what happens next? ;o)

3. If you suddenly found yourself with money to burn, would you continue your life the same way i.e. marriage, job, homelife, etc, or would you change aspects of it?

Beach holidays perhaps???

4.  You are visited by an angel.  You are on a crossroads, one way means you can help many people and change the world for the better but you would be poor and struggling - although surrounded by loved ones.  The other way means you get to live the high life with money, sex with beautiful people and mixing with the rich and famous but are racked with guilt, loneliness and will die alone.  Which way do you take?

Forget the crossroads, I'll take the angel...

5.  What's in the bag?

Stan xx


*Jelena* said...

Ha, you posted that photo. :D
Love the questions Stan.

1. Definitely a contortionist, as I am VERY flexible.

2. Duh - Kellan. He locks my gaze, and breathes into my mouth before merging his with mine. He hurriedly undresses me, pinching my nipples on the way, and we end up having ravishing sex while the limo cruises the streets of NYC.

Holy shit, can you tell I was forced to be abstinent in February because of the lap? :D

3. I wouldn't really change anything, except that I would buy a few holiday houses and travel the world. Other than that, I love domesticity.

4. Well, when you put it that way, of course I'd chose the path where I'd be surrounded by the love ones. Duh. :D

5. Um, a cat? No? Ok - a book, a razor, a pair of clean underwear, his diary, and a pair of Reese's underwear that she slipped in there. :D

Ah, FFF, how I'd missed thee.

Mary Edbrella said...

1. I was a contortionist as a child and I can still do the splits now soooo hand me the leotard ;)
2.It would probably be the police pulling me in for stalking Rpatz * rolls eyes*
3. I'd design and build my own house for starters then I'd start planning my visits Stateside and other places to visit my bestest Ho's
4.Oh Lordy I couldn't handle the frigging guilt so polish my halo baby x
5. Me in a contortionist pose waiting patiently for the bimbo to bog off!!!

hisbella said...

Hi there!
1)Wardrobe...I'm terrible on two wheels, scared of heights, don't like things with huge fangs and don't look good in polka dots.

2) The Hubby...surprising me with a getaway. Haven't had one of those in ages!!!

3) Pay off my debt, make sure college funds are set up for my kids and nieces/nephews, and take a vacation. Other than that, I'd probably keep things the way they are.

4) I'd always take being surrounded by my loved ones. In the end, that's all you've got. Can I ask to keep the angel though???

5) Jacob's bag contains August's Head...LOL


Dangrdafne said...

1. I would definitely love to be Marlena and take care of the horses!! but really we all know I would be a clown LOL!!!

2. It's my hubby and he is taking me away for a weekend of fun in the sun.

3. Bigger single home is all I would really want to update with the extra money. Or buy out other side and make the two halves into one.

4. Help people and be poor and happy.

5. The midget??? LOL!!!

Ahhhh Friday Fun Five

Twired Jen said...


Apparently I won about 2 mos ago, emailed my answers and never heard anything.. ::confused::

1. I'm going to dissapoint some people, but the whole circus idea creeps me out. Primarily because I feel bad for the animals. If I absolutely had to, I'd be the one that cares for the animals, like would be heartbreaking though.

2. It's Alexander Skarsgard. He's left Kate Bosworth and thinks a little meat on the bones is sexy. We go at it for a bit, take a break to drink some champagne, then carry on. After that, he asks if I want to back to his snazzy hotel and have a Twi-Marathon. Of course I say yes. We drink some more, take a bubble bath, then crawl into bed and watch Twi.
The End.

3. If I started making quite a bit more money, there are definitely certain aspects I'd changed. I'd finaly get new car, I'd get a MAC Book, I'd start donating more often to causes that are close to my heart, I'd save more, I might put more into my wedding...But everything else would stay the, s/o etc..

4. Of course I'd want to help others and be surrounded by loved ones, but am I happy? That wasn't meantioned. I'll assume I am...I'd rather be poor & happy then rich and unhappy.

5. Potatoes

xo J

StackedLikeSookie said...

Hey Ho's, have missed you.
1. I would have to look after the animals. I really don't like circus' with animals, much prefer Cirque Du Soleil style.
2.Alexander Skarsgard of course! He's been looking for me & heard I was in town & what goes on in the back of the limo, stays in the back of the limo....
3.I think the only thing I would change would be that I would live somewhere else. I always said I wanted to live in Queensland but after the floods, it would be the last place I would go.
4.Hmm, the high life sounds like fun & there's no guarantee you won't die alone even surrounded by loved ones but of course I'd take the first option (well I hope I would) providing I could keep the angel of course!
5.Rosies poo that's why she's stepping backwards lol!


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Um I'm here and so late its nearly time for a new FFF.

1)Circus job-Can I throw knives at people? I can, then that's what I'll do....oops

2)Manhattan kidnap-Alex Skarsgard has spotted me on the street and decided to take me home as his very own cock puppet-kinda like a sock puppet but a different hole...bwahahaha. I live my life being Skarsgared till I die!

3)Money to burn-and the chicks for free, change that to dicks and I'm there. I'd leave work, still stay married (unless after the plastic surgery I get kidnapped by Alex for his cock puppet), travel, do everyone I mean thing I ever wanted to do. Live in many different places, help people I love, see all the ho's I want, experience life as never before!

4)Crossroads- I know you're all expecting me to say money, fame, shagging however I too could not live with my guilt and therefore shall remain as I am a poor, struggling angel (with a little debil on the side hehe)

5)Whats in the bag-its a bushel of dildo's!

I'm done, back to work for me...I'm such an angel...

Z Any Mouse said...

I am so effin' out of FFF practice, but I'll give it my best effin' shot.

1. WFE circus contribution: I can make a mean lemonade, and I'm extremely accurate when guessing a person's temperature (hand on forehead, not finger in rectum)

2. I get pulled into a limo: It's Lindsey Lohan and she wants her necklace back.

3. Bags of money fall out of the sky: I'd continue with the same life except I'd be driving the red Corvette I've always wanted, I'd hire a personal trainer to get the ass I used to have, and I'd hire someone to clean the bathrooms.

4. The angel visits and doesn't change a thing. I am still struggling, but surrounded by loved ones.

5. In the bag: Hot Pockets and Heineken

Z Any Mouse said...

I love everyone's answers for what's in the bag. LMAO!

StarlitViolets said...

Answering before reading, as always. YAY for the return of FFF!

1. Cirque du Rob

I gotta say my act would be the flying trapeze. I could totally rock that! Swinging around way above the whole crowd would be awesome! As long as there's a net. ;)

2. Limo Snatch

The person in the limo is Mr.SV, telling me we won a billion dollars and we're on our way to see each one my Twitard friends on a world tour.

3. Money to Burn

See question 2.

4. Angelic Crossroads.

I'd definitely take the more difficult, yet rewarding life. I'd like to think I've actually made a lot of choices that have brought me to a similar place of love over money.

5. The Bag

The first thing that springs to mind is - Medusa's head! LOL! But after some thought, I think I'll say... a stick pony, some lube, and a 10lb bag of potatoes. ;)

StarlitViolets said...

BTW - I realize I'm waaaaayyy too late for this. But couldn't resist. ;)

Great answers ladies!