Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hello? Anybody Here?

Holy Crap!! Edbrella Towers is a fucking mess! There's cobwebs and dust all over the place! Damn! Of course, it's not like anyone's been here for months, so it makes sense. Let me apologize for the long absence...Life got busy! Between all of us here, we have like 50 kids (Ka-Ching!!) not to mention that we do actually have real lives! Cut us some slack!

Ok, I'm done making excuses...

Let's see what's up?

Well, for starters, Chimpsten is finally back home after a long visit to the States!

Welcome back, Whore! We missed ya!!

What else?

I can't necessarily answer for the others, but I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Not so much that the kids aren't getting fed regularly, but enough that they may have to go ahead and wear that ratty pair of underwear, waaaaaaay in the back of the drawer, because that's the only clean pair they can find.

Wanna know what I'm reading? Of course you do!

Elusively Yours
(Note from Stan ~ *coughing through the dust*  Excellent choice, ho!  I'm so close to 600 reviews too *bats eyelashes at prospective reader/reviewers*)

Dark Wolves and Vampire Delights
(Another excellent choice, jeez, you'll be recc'ing Jasper fics next to excite us all!)

All 17 entries of the Dirty Talking Jasper Contest
(Like I said...)

That should be enough to tide you over. For a while... Edbrella post with no pic of Rob?  I don't think so Wease!


TwiWeasel said...

Where would I be without you, Stan? Thanks for having my back!

Smitten said...

Welcome back!

FLOVE the Chimpsten pic! Hilarious!

Stan said...

Yay! Comments, we're not forgotten! *waves to Smitten*

The Wease - you're welcome :o)

TwiWeasel said...

@Smitten - Jeez! You almost beat me here!! So glad we haven't been forgotten in our long absence!!

TongueTwied said...


Hey chickadees!

I read through some of those Dirty Talking Jasper entries myself. Good stuff in there!

Now see back in 2009 VF the only neck accessory was stubble and it really seemed to work.

Stan said...

@TongueTwied Actually, I think you'll find that he favoured that old fashion classic, the lobster bib back in '09 ;o)

17foreverlisa said...

It feels like coming home!!!!!!! No. Literally. Dust and everything ;)

True facts. I went to my dashboard when you said you posted and I was drawing a blank on where to find it in alphabetical order because all I could think of was Edbrella. It's been way too long Ho's.

Chimpsten, that gator looks better on you than Rob. Just sayin'. We miss you here in the States though.

TW, great post and fic recs ;)


TwiWeasel said...

Sorry about the dust girls! Stan, we really need to hire a professional cleaner. You know me...Lazy.

@TT - But he'll always look best naked and in my bed. Just sayin'.

@Lisa - I have impeccable taste in both friends and fics, you know!

Mary Edbrella said...

Phew thank fuckery there's been a bit of dusting done in here!!
*waves at everyone*

hisbella said...

Oh, Thank God! Hey Ladies! Welcome back. I've lurked around here before. TT & Lisa have gotten me drunk and I've lost my inihibitions! Dust is not the word! I'm going to go take a zyrtec!

TwiWeasel said...

@Mary - Who's this Fuckery person you're thanking? Do I know him?

@hisbella - do you mean to say you are drunk right now, at this moment? In that case, how'd you like to earn a few bucks cleaning this place up? LOL!!

hisbella said...

@TwiWeasel: Not drunk right now, but may need to be later! I'd love to clean up the place for a few bucks, but unfortunately can't do it within the next 72 hours. If you want to wait, I'll help! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'd like to clean the attic, please... ;-)
Chimpers! Look at you...I've missed you.

TigerlilyRose said...

Oh how I have missed the attic at Edbrella Towers! sigh....good times!

Glad to see you all alive! Chimpers is the shiz...but you all know that!

Dangrdafne said...

Bwahahahaha the hat Bwahahahahaha

killing me.

I have missed visiting here sooo much. I sometimes would just come here and read old posts so I could feel like i was at home. I hope it doesn't take this long to post again.


Z Any Mouse said...

Has Chimpsten been working out?

Missed you guys!!

TwiWeasel said...

Z!!! We've missed you too! Welcome back! Now go answer the FFF questions! (I need to take my own advice and do it too!)