Thursday, 23 December 2010

Its the Festive Friday Fun Five Ho Ho Ho's

Wow, well hey, hello, how are you? It's a little dusty in here...someone's not been keeping up with the housekeeping! I'm saying nothing...I hate dusting...only when you can write in it do I deign to get the polish and a cloth out...or if I have visitors then I go mental. If they're good friends or family...meh! They're used to it...but I digress....

Here I am, newly dusted off!!

Oooo it's a Festive Friday Fun Five...

Ooooo can we go there on Fridays please?!

Um so it's been a while...there's been a few up and downs, goings on and a general malaise amongst us to do with blogging. It's not that we don't love Rob or the others, we do goes on and some of us have been writing or baking or just being really, really busy at work. We're all looking forward to BD part 1 and we can't wait for WFE but somehow we've all kinda shifted a little. Not exactly moved on but sorta side stepped a wee bit, a kind of hiatus if you like. But I'm sure we will pop up from time to time and post something so please...keep your alerts on, check back, poke us on FB to see what's to the questions...

Sigh, we've just been a little down or busy

1) What is the worst Christmas present you have ever received?

Yep this is officially the worst gift I EVER got...thanks Uncle Lol

2) What do you usually do on Christmas Day? Do you have a family traditions you carry out and if so what are they?

We all liked to gather round and stick cactii on our heads

3) What would make your perfect Christmas? Go wild, it doesn't have to be real and there are noooooo recriminations!

Well he would make it pretty perfect hehe

I could really use him about now, bloody snow!

4) Ok you have received a truly hideous gift from your Twilight/True Blood love God, you really cannot stand this present, do you (a) regift it and hope they never find out, even though you all hang with the same people or (b) hide it and just drag it out whenever they're around?

I don't look happy do I? What did he get me?

Perhaps a cartoonized self portrait Xmas card of him

(I'd much rather see a photograph of Eric in pink spandex...sigh, that would be something to treasure lol)

5) How do you use up those Christmas leftovers? LOL well I wonder about these things!

Give em to this guy obviously!

6) Do you have any New Years Resolutions? What are they and do you think you can do it? Or if you'd rather not say they're resolutions, have you decided to have a go at something or change something in 2011?

I love Calvin & Hobbs and this goes for all of you, I love you all the way you are, you're perfect!

Well that's it...if you'd like the FFF to continue then I won't say it will be every week but I don't mind doing the odd one and I'll email whoever wins and get them to send me the questions if I can get hold of them...

Couple of housekeeping things....Take care over the holidays, no drinking and know what they say....

Merry Christmas you lovely ho bags, have a fantastic time and a Happy New Year to all!


NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Okays, Im gonna go first, cos I gotta crack on at work lol...yeah right, no honestly I do...jebbers I'm arguing with meself now!

1)Wosrt Xmas gift ever- Well the picture says it all, last year my Uncle Lol, short for Lawrence gave me a can of de-icer. Ok it was useful later when the weather got bad but c'mon, a can of de-icer...I'm scared for this year!

2)Family traditions-Well I always let the kids open their presents first while I drink coffee with a little something in it...look I have to put up with my mum later! Then basically my mum comes over for Xmas lunch, I try to get her pissed so we can take her back early then we go up my exes parents where we play games, drink and watch Morcambe & Wise (best comedy duo ever!)That's it lol

3)Perfect Xmas-Mmmm I could say for my mum not to come over but that would be mean so for her to come over and be happy (not gonna happen), to win the lottery, for Rob and Kellen and Alex Skarsgard to pop by with mistletoe and get snowed in at my house actually it would be great for you lot to come over and we all have dinner together, magically produced by house elves of course!

4)Horrendous gift from a super hottie- I'd drag it out whenever they came round and pretend I loved it because I can't bring myself to be mean to people.

5)Leftovers!- Mmmm well I'd like to say I do something super wonderful with them but no, the gammon gets used up in sandweiches and the turkey as a curry...we stink for days after what with all the stuffing and sprouts, you could bottle it and use it in a war!

6)New years resolutions-Well as a rule I don't make them as its just TOO MUCH pressure! But I will carry on losing weight, try to do my core exercises to help my back and continue being nice to my mother lol

Happy Christmas you lot, you ho's know what you all mean to me so thank you for your continued support, love and friendship no matter what xxx Love you all xxx

Dangrdafne said...

1) Worst gift - maybe not a bad gift but my mother in law gives us towels and pajamas EVERY year - EVERY year! We give away the towels and return the pajamas usually.

2) Christmas Day has changed over the years. As a child/teenager it was family all day at my parent's house with food, presents and fun. Now it is quiet with presents and some food and movies. Just Mom, myself and my 2 cats this year.

3) Perfect Christmas - having ALL my family extended and all get together somewhere to celebrate the holiday. Or smaller, just seeing my sister for Christmas would be great.

4) Odd present - I might tell them actually and make it a good story between us.

5) Leftovers?? I have no idea what that is!! LOL!!!! with only mom and I there are no leftover, we make what we eat :)

6) Resolutions - I always say I resolve to not make any resolutions. But my therapists has different ideas for me this year. I will be doing more for me. Simple and needed.

Merry Christmas Edbrella! Thank you for everything this past year. I love you.

Z Any Mouse said...

I am pressed for time, running very late, blah blah blah, so I'm only going to comment on #6 - New Years resolutions. I am still extremely miffed that my 2010 resolutions did not come to fruition, so I'm just going to keep them on for 2011.

1. Get laid by Robert Pattinson - Now, I have absolutely no idea why this did not happen for me this year, but I'm not a quitter and will do everything in my power to make it happen within the next 12 months.

2. Lose weight - I may have some idea why this one didn't happen. Sheesh. I'm going to have to sew my mouth shut and strap myself to the treadmill.

TigerlilyRose said...

answer first then read.

1. hmmmm....washcloths? a used dishwasher we got for free from some guy he knew from hubs...Radio for the kitchen from my hubs? Gift certificate to get my car detailed from my hubs...yeah he sucks at gifts, we normally abide by the I buy my own gift year I am getting diamonds, since every year I send him a link to a pretty pair of diamond earrings and every year i never see year he even bought me the 5oo dollar vacuum instead of the 300 dollar diamond earrings, *shrugs*

2. the usual family dinner and all that. My kids and I decorate cookies and stuff on Christmas Eve.

3. My ultimate Christmas would be to have a big week long celebration with all my Bloggy friends...really. My RL is very full, except for the absence of RL hugs from them.

4. Hide it and drag it out when they are around.

5. I make Turkey salad sandwiches and Turkey noodle soup. I love leftover mashed potatoes and gravy and all the fixing too...for about 2 more days...then I am sick of it...LOL

TigerlilyRose said...

oops forgot #6...NY resolution

1. Meet at least three more of my USA blogger friends...You know who you are :)

2. Finish the remodel on our house project (although hubs is largely in charge of this)


3. Write stuff down in my planner and actually look at it. I think looking at it would make all the difference in shit getting done around here.

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Yay FFF!!!

1) Worst present ever would probably have to be my homemade stocking from my grandma and she spelled my name wrong on it... although she spelled my name wrong my whole life but it still made me cry :(

2)We usually have Christmas dinner at my Mom's parents house. We eat, dance around to crappy Christmas music, open gifts and eat a ton of desert... always a blast!!

3)My perfect Christmas would be to have Rob and Kellan show up at my house... or I'd take a really awesome gift like a new car. None of that world peace crap for me lol

4)I'd keep it and drag it out whenever they were around... I'm a people pleaser like that

5)We don't usually have a lot of leftovers my family is pretty big.. my mom has 2 brothers and 2 sisters and there is all of their spouses and kids plus some of my grandparents cousins or friends of the family sooo not many leftovers :)

6) I always make resolutions and break them but I have decided to do yoga and I hope I can keep up with it well into next year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!