Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday Fun Five is back...

and so am I. They keep leaving the door open. Just sayin'.

We're starting with a clean slate this week. I know you know the rules, but just in case there are some newbies, this is how it works. There will be five random questions, and you will type your answers in the Comments. Don't be shy. Yes, that's a house rule ;) Early next week, someone will be chosen as the winner. That person will pick out the questions for the next FFF and email them to Stan or Nibbles. Easy, right? Right.

Just for shits and giggles, I'm going to put a little spin on it today. Cue the music, please.

"Ladies, let's meet our lucky bachelor...Robert Pattinson!"
*claps, cheers, whistles*

"Rob, behind this computer screen are three crazy h00rs lovely ladies who want to hump date you. You will get to ask five questions and then pick one of them to take home to meet Kristen on a date. Ready with your questions, Rob?"

*nervous laugh*
"I think so, Lisa."

*grabs his ass shoulder and gives it a squeeze*
"Never think, Rob. It will only make you more nervous."

"Bachelorette #1. What was your first pet,
and what is/was its name."

 "Bachelorette #3. I love the quote used in Remember Me
(and Lisa thinks I look really hot in a white linen shirt).
What is one of your favorite quotes from a movie?

Bachelorette #2. Who would you like to see as my next co-star?
(Sorry! Lisa says it can't be you.)

Kate Beckinsale

Bachelorette #1. I hear Jumping Rob is quite a hit. *blushes*
What situation would you put him in that you haven't seen already?

Bachelorette #2. Does size really matter?

"Time's up, Rob. We're going to go to commercial, and when we come back, you'll tell us who the lucky bitch winner is."

Thanks for tuning in!


Mary Edbrella said...

Ooh i'm first today

"Bachelorette #1. What was your first pet,
and what is/was its name."

It was a cat called Tiddles. It got squished by a car though

"Bachelorette #3. I love the quote used in Remember Me
(and Lisa thinks I look really hot in a white linen shirt).
What is one of your favorite quotes from a movie?

I do like Alice's "It's time" mainly because I can slot it into everyday conversations without non Twiho's realising

Bachelorette #2. Who would you like to see as my next co-star?
(Sorry! Lisa says it can't be you.)

Going by yesterdays CFF I'm going to have to say JBone *pant*

Bachelorette #1. I hear Jumping Rob is quite a hit. *blushes*
What situation would you put him in that you haven't seen already?

My bed!nuff said

Bachelorette #2. Does size really matter?


fab Q's Lisa. Please make sure to wipe your feet next time you come in here though, the floor needs sweeping again *tut* ;)

Banshee713 said...

Whoa, I'm NEVER one of the first to answer. *feels own forehead*

1. My parents had a Lassie collie called Riley when I was born and he died when I was eleven. The first pet I had that was actually mine was a turtle called Yertle. I was a bit of a Dr Seuss fan when I four.

2. 'Inconceivable!' from the Princess Bride. I use it all the time but no one ever knows what I'm talking about. Sigh. I'm such a nerd...

3. Hmm, call me unoriginal, but I'm gonna second Mary's answer here. Drooooooooooooooolllllllll......

4. I think I'll get a trampoline, put it outside my bedroom window and just watch Jumping Rob do his thing all day. Then maybe I'll join in later ;)

5. You really have to ask?! Fine - Hell. Yes.

Great questions Lisa! Crap I better get back to work. Bye hos!

Dangrdafne said...

I will answer later but I have to say Lisa you outdid yourself with this one. This post is hilarious, perfect and so clever. I am in awe!!! Great idea and perfect questions. LOVE IT! You are on a roll, don't stop now!!! Mwah!

StarlitViolets said...

EXCELLENT POST, LISA!!! Aren't you quite the exciting guest-blogger?! I am looking forward to answering and reading everyone else's answers, but alas, real life is a dirty,maggot-infested, whore. I WILL return in a bit to answer though. Can't wait!!!

TheonlyMrs(Kassie)Cullen said...

Great q's Lisa errr Rob

First pet- A cat named Sabrina she was a stray my aunt and uncle found while they were out to dinner in downtown Chicago and they gave her to us... we had her for 12 years. I miss her but I love my new cat Mia just as much.

Favorite quote from a movie- I'm not gonna get all philosophical and shit cuz thats not me so.. this is from Robin Hood Men in Tights
Achoo: Hey blinkin
Blinkin: Did you say Abe Lincoln?
Achoo: No I didn't say Abe Lincoln..I said Hey Blinklin hold the reigns, man!

Next co-star- Miley Cyrus of course nah I'm totally effing kidding. Maybe Anne Hathaway she seems so nice and down to earth plus I really like her movies.

Jumping Rob- hmmm I put him in everything I wanted to see him in so I don't really know what's left lol

Does size matter?- YEP!!!

Twilove1_sue said...

Hello all!! I finally found my way here thanks to my bff Lisa :)

1. My first pet was a cat named Salt & Pepper (nobody should let a 4 year old name a pet) and I used to love dressing him up in doll clothes

2. It's not actual dialogue from a movie, but the tag line "Live in the Moments" from Remember Me has really stuck with me. I'm thinking about getting it on my first tattoo...

3. Rob's next co-star should be a girl who looks like me back when I was young and skinny and didn't realize or appreciate that I was young and skinny. I'll just squint at the screen and pretend it's me. I would also like to request a NC17rating for this movie, and I want them to EARN that rating.

4. I want Jumping Rob to be in my family's annual Christmas card photo. When people ask me questions about it, I'll just act like I don't hear them. I'm pretty sure my husband won't even notice.

5. I'm gonna say that it is a contributing factor


TwiWeasel said...

1. My first pet was an extremely ugly Chinese Pug/Rat Terrier mix named Pookie. Yes, Pookie. After Garfield's teddy bear.

2. I quote Blazing Saddles quite a bit..."Read it, read it, you wild bitch!" But I think my fave has to come from Forrest Gump..."Yes, I know that, Forrest." But it has to be said like Sally Fields says it.

3. Next co-star...hmmm...I like Anne Hathaway, she seems kinda Adorkable, just like you.

4. Jumping Rob cracks my ass up...but I don't really want him there. (In my ass, I mean.) I want to see Rob jumping Jackson. Just sayin'.

5. Does size really, I'm gonna say no, but put that answer down to my lack of experience.

Thanks, Lisa! You're one awesome ho! And thanks, Rob, for just being you.

17foreverlisa said...

There may or may not be some shaggin' going on during this long commercial break. Just sayin'...

StarlitViolets said...

1. First Pet.

My first real pet was an all grey kitten named Melissa I had when I was about 3.

2. Movie quote/line.

Mr. SV and I quote movies in our sleep. It's ridiculous how many times we refer to a movie and not even mean to. They just become insinde jokes and therefore engrained into our sense of humor. LOL!

But a line from a movie I like to remember and keep close to my heart is "Keep Moving Forward."

3. Co-star.

Fuck Lisa! You stole my girl crush! I can't even pick anyone else, I want to see them get it on. Yep. I'm that filthy. :)

4. Jumping Rob

I would LOVE to see Rob jumping in all kinds of situations. Hmm. With Shamu, over a rainbow, tall buildings, mountains, the Grand Canyon, the English Channel.

5. Does size really matter?

Pfft - yes.

TongueTwied said...

Lisa this is great! How do you do it? How did you have this much creativity this week? That must be good shiTT you're smoking! Share?

1. My first pet was a little muTT puppy I named Mandy who was the offspring of the neighbor's dog. My parents did not let me keep Mandy. I was forced to console myself with Barry Manilow songs.

2. "The difference is, I'm in the mood to kick a little ass."
-from the Cutting Edge

3. Jennifer Connelly! She has such a natural grace to her acting and understated look. And she's 40 so the movie would be one for the cougars!

4.Wedding invitation with the caption, "Are you ready to take the leap?"
(Just to clarify Rob--NOT YOUR WEDDING INVITE unless you pick me as your winning bachleorette.)

5. Duh! Psst...Rob, if it didn't matter we wouldn't spend so much time trying to figure yours out.

Have a good weekend! :)

NibbleitPattinsonakaNebilet said...

Woah, late as ever but I haven't actually participated fr a couple of weeks goes and're do it so well (Ferris Bueller)

1) Pet-Um well they were our families really not just mine, we had 2 seal point Siamese cats called Misty and Chi Chi...they were way cool lol. Incidentally I had a german shepherd called Pookie after Garfields bear too lol

2)Quote-mmm I use "You're my hero" from Ferris Bueller but said in a whiny voice also the "Barf up a lung" from same film...ummmm "les jeux sont faits-you're ass is mine"
"bite the big one junior" I quote ferris a lot it seems... oh Eric's "Hail the conquering hero" and "Good boy, run along" and "Desecration" that one's for when I look in my boys bedrooms lmao

3)Co-star-Well besides me I mean I do have o level drama, don't you haters be hating me now! PMSL ummmm I'd like to see Angelina Jolie with him...that would be hot or Ann Hathaway I think

4)Jumping Rob-appearing from my birthday cake covered in cream...nom nom nom

5)Size matters-I believe I have covered my theories on this at length...yes...yes it does!

Brilliant Lisa, you're my hero xxx

Dangrdafne said...

I must have been living the Bachelorette life this weekend as I forgot to come back and answer the questions. Here we go...

1. What was your first pet,
and what is/was its name."

Simon - my tuxedo kitty who I miss tons still!!

2. What is one of your favorite quotes from a movie?

"I'd rather have 5 minutes of wonderful, than a lifetime of nothing special." Steel Magnolias

3. Who would you like to see as my next co-star?

Mrs. P

4. What situation would you put Rob in that you haven't seen already?

British comedy

5. Does size really matter?

Well I would rather be a size 10 in my clothes than a 14 but sometimes life is like that ;)