Monday, 15 November 2010

Ode to Rob's Nob... (NSFW)

100% All Beef Thermometer

Trouser Snake

Purple Headed Yogurt Slinger

Man Meat








Baby Arm

Pudding Thrower

Balony Pony



One Eyed Willy





Spicy Pepperoni

Steel Shaft




Disco Stick



OK, so "ode" might be pushing it a little too far.


But, I know for a fact that these are not the only slang words for penis.

Tell me the comments.

Pic courtesy of those dirty ho's at RobManiPorn


TwiWeasel said...

I would like to give special thanks to Stan. You read my mind!!

Anonymous said...

I'm supposed to think & leave an intelligent comment after that last pic? You've already covered all the names I can think of. Then again, I may be drooling more than thinking.

Dangrdafne said...

Gee can we guess that I have nothing to add to this post?? LOL!!!!!

Oh my

Oh my

Anonymous said...

Woah!!!!! What a way to close a post...bravo ladies, bravo!!!!

Jenny Jerkface said...

Um, wow, I'm totally speechless. I had something witty and funny to say and then I saw that last pic and well... yeah, nothing.

Except... yum.

TwiWeasel said...

WOW!! Lookit, lookit, Stan!! We made Jenny Jerkface speechless!! Woo Hoo!!!

Stan said...

WOOO! *High 5*

Pocket Edward said...

You forgot "Love Pump", "Love Muscle", and "Tube Steak".

Yeah, I'm pretty crass. Thanks.

Loved it.

Mary Edbrella said...

PMSL brilliant!

This is one of those "I really hope he never sees this blog" times though.

That last pic is well lush, is it wrong i'm licking my lips???

TwiWeasel said...

@ Mary...Uh yeah, there have been a few of those. Like all of the CFF posts, and all of the FFF posts! LMAO!!

@ Pocket Edward...I thought of Tube Steak this morning!! I also thought of Wood, Meat & two Veg and Tonsil Massager.

@ Stan...High 5!

@ JJ...I am honored to have floored you...well, it was Stan's picture, so I guess she did it. *shrug*

@ Mrs P...Thank you, thank you. *takes a bow*

@ DD...I bet if you thought REAL HARD you could come up with something!

@ TM...We don't really require intelligent thoughts around here, just sayin'.

@ All...I see how you ho's are...all it takes is a little NSFW in the title and you all come running!! (hee hee, I said come.)

17foreverlisa said...

You forgot "Kristen's stick shift." *shrugs*

LMAO!! So, what are the magic words to make me break the rule at work about checking blogs? It is NSFW!



17foreverlisa said...

Just looking again. Yeah. Definitely NSFW. *thud* That was Rob...not me ; )

TigerlilyRose said...

Bravo Ladies! Nice post to start the ball rolling after a 2 week break!

Frank and Beans
Furry Fuckstick....oh wait, that is only for dogs....just fuckstick then
banger hanger
fuel pump

TwiWeasel said...

@ Lisa...I rest my case.

@ TLR...Fuckstick! *palmface* How in the world could I ever forget the furry fuckstick!?!?! Oh, and I used mule, thank you very much.

fanficzombie said...

So - I disappear from Blogger for months on end -- I come back and THIS is the first post I get???

All is definitely right in the world!!

Anonymous said...


When Lisa send me to check the post out I was really wondering what would await me here and damn you are h00rs just like me!! *whipes away tears*

Hello soulsister! Give me a hug! lol

Anyway all know that I have a very special place in my heart for Robs HHT (Holy Hard Tool; thats what we TCS girls call it).
If I hadn't I would not have a weekly feature right?

Anyway thanks for delivering a list of names I will steal if I run out of expressions to name the thing... *snickers*

Excellent post!

TwiWeasel said...

@fanficzombie...months on end?!?! We welcome you back with open arms! I'm so glad we could come thru for you! *snicker*

@thecoldshower...Ahhh, soulsister hugs are the best!! *returning hug whole-heartedly* Weekly feature, huh? I just may have to speak with Lisa about holding out on me! LMAO!!

Stacked Like Sookie said...

Fuck me drunk that last pic gah!
Salami (if you wannna brag, 10 kg salami)
man banana
in Rob's case the holy grail....

Banshee713 said...

I view NSFW as a challenge to see how well I can hide this stuff. That last pic, however...I'm busy trying to muffle my moans. Just...daaaaaaamn.

Anyhoo, allow me to expand your vo-knob-ulary.



I'll be back if I think of any more.

TwiWeasel said...

@ Stacked like Sookie...LMAO, holy grail!!

@ Banshee...Glad to see ya! Haven't talked to you in a while! While muffling your moans, remember to don't want your coworkers to find you blacked out under your desk with that pic open! Bwahahahahaha!!

@ All...I'd given thought to updating the post with all the names you've added, but essentially, I'm a lazy h00r, so you'll just have to check the comments for more cock names.

StarlitViolets said...

BRILLIANT post, Wease!!! And that last pic was definitely an unexpected TA-DAAA in my face! LOL! Of the best kind, of course!

My contributions:

One-eyed trouser snake
Tonsil Tickler
Hot Beef Injection
Giggle Stick
Baby Batter Baster

... And that's all I got for now. I'm saving my REAL dirty for CFF!

That was a cocktastic post, Wease! MWAH!!!

@FFZombie - It's about fucking time, girl!!!! I was wondering about you!


TwiWeasel said...

Thanks for your input @SLV...and for reminding me about CFF!! *palmface* I'd forgotten!